Log Cabin Mitts (free pattern)

Log Cabin Mitts (free pattern)

Alright friends, the wait is over. Today I give you the Log Cabin Mitts pattern, in all its addictive glory! I mention in the head matter on the pattern that these are cleverly constructed (if I do say so myself) and a great use for small amounts of yarn. What I didn’t mention is that once you start, you can’t stop! Their bite-sized, garter-stitch nature makes them ideal for just always having one going, to be reached for at those odd moments where you can’t pick up whatever you’re really knitting, so instead you’ll just add a patch onto your current square. And before you know it, voilà, you’ve got another pair finished. (How do I know? I started my fourth set on Monday night.) Not to mention, you can pretty much just keep a WIP in your pocket and no one will ever know.

Download the free pattern right here!

They’re also ripe for color play, of course. The pattern is written for 3 colors in a certain arrangement, but you can color them in however you like. Look, I even made you a coloring book! Print this out and have a blast filling it in a hundred different ways—

Log Cabin Mitts (free knitting pattern) by Karen Templer

Here are some I colored in to get your wheels turning. The black/natural one in the upper left is what I started on Monday night!

I’m proposing a little #mittalong as a sub-along to the #fringeandfriendslogalong. I’m getting my head checked, don’t worry — but in the meantime, please use the hashtags #mittalong and #logcabinmitts when sharing on Instagram, and tag @karentempler just to be safe.

If you love these Log Cabin Mitts, please take a moment to like or queue it on Ravelry, to help let the world know it’s there! And I absolutely cannot wait to see what you make with it.

Log Cabin Mitts (free knitting pattern)

How to avoid, minimize and weave in ends
“Interview” about these mitts
Fringe and Friends Log Cabin Make-along timeline and prize details


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53 thoughts on “Log Cabin Mitts (free pattern)

  1. Thank you so much. They’ve been ‘favorited’ and ‘queued up’ and added to my Knit Companion projects. Now that my Log Cabin Shawl is off of the needles, and I have some BT Shelter remaining, I will be casting these on. Love, love, love these!


  2. AlthoughI have not participated in the logalong, I have watched and enjoyed photos and progress reports and noted really inspirational projects. I think your offer of your fantastic mitts pattern is exceptionally generous! I have lots of Cascade 220 or Shelter or Quince Owl leftovers for a pair to be started very soon! Thank you so much, Karen!!!❤️


  3. Thank you. I look forward to knitting these as soon as possible. Of course 20 minutes ago I decided to knit a Carbeth ASAP. So much knitting, so little time…..


  4. Thank you! Thank you, Karen! So far I have been addicted to looking at your posting re the mitts. These are simply delightful – as are you for your generosity in sharing them with us. Now: off to my needles and yarn.


  5. So much generosity from Fringe – thank you for another fantastic pattern, Karen! This will be my inaugural log cabin project – can hardly wait……


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  7. Thanks for the pattern, Karen. I think my first pair might be in some Noro silk garden I have in my stash—can’t wait to see how the colors come out. Your mitts look great!


  8. I haven’t been so excited for a pattern to be released in a LONG time! Thank you so much for all your educational, inspirational, fringesensational posts. You are my idol. Going home to cast on now! Squeeeee!


  9. Those mitered thumb gussets…brilliant! This is just the right size project for me to finally join the logalong. Too many other things going on for my now squelched blanket ambitions. Thank you!


  10. Yep. Brilliant. I thought I could resist knitting a pair immediately and then I read the pattern. I find myself drawn towards by scrap stash now…


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  15. just came across these on instagram – thank you so much for the freebee – will be making these as gifts and having so much fun with colour.


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