Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

I’m not pulling specific examples from the #fringeandfriendslogalong this week but I am saying you need to go check out the feed. There’s so much creativity and ingenuity happening, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to narrow down highlights! (Much less prizes.) However, I do want to point you to two blog posts by Rachel Beckman (her photos above) about how log cabin is changing her perception of what knitting is, here and here. And from the panelists, don’t miss Kay’s fantastic blog post on how she’s constructing her sweater and Ann’s jaw-dropping discovery. (Unrelated, Kay is also making me LOL with this whole ouija board/swatch metaphor.) I’m making progress on my log cabin mitts idea and hope to have the pattern written up fairly soon! And on Monday we’ll talk about how to weave in ends — or rather, how to avoid having (many of) them in the first place!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

– “Making litters our lives with intention and agency. It reminds us through its process that we can alter our environment to suit ourselves. That we have choice and agency in our lives.”

– Martha’s making me sorry I skipped this exhibit (I could have run into her there!); and have you seen there’s knitting in the new issue of MS Living?

Amen to this

– I’m feeling all the love for this stranded Garter/Banff hat mashup and Amber’s Constellations kimono and Heather’s Snoqualmie Cardigan

Winter style muse

This blanket

Amazing story but let’s talk about that sweater (?) she’s holding with the giant ball-fringed (?) monogram!!

And if you’ve been waiting for that natural-indigo woven-in-CA denim, its time has come

It’s a snow-and-ice kind of day here in Nashville and I’m hunkered down and log cabin-ing for the next few days. I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

EDITED TO ADD: I just heard registration is officially open for Squam in June and there are just a few spots left in my classes. If you’ve never been to Squam (and been wanting to learn how to knit cables), I highly recommend this retreat!


PREVIOUSLY: Merry Elsewhere



Merry Elsewhere

Happy holidays and Elsewhere

Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating today, and happy peaceful Monday if you’re not! I’m giving myself a very-much-needed week off, knitting and cooking and hanging out with loved ones. And I’m leaving you with a light and heartwarming Elsewhere list for this holiday week. If you need more to read and haven’t already seen them, take a look at the Top Posts and highlights of the year, my knitting year in review and sewing year in review and my Favorite New Favorites for 2017. Not to mention the entire Elsewhere scrollback.

So many links for your perusal!

First of all, this.

Log cabin inspiration. More log cabin inspiration. It’s everywhere, I tell you!

– I love everything about this tale of London Kaye’s Cuba yarnbombing

– And this one about the subway, the knitter and the Broadway actress (my favorite part being how he learned to knit in the first place!) (thx, Barb)

Teeny tiny history of the turtleneck

– I would like a Karen Barbé Christmas stocking (photo above right)

– and I’m gonna need Olga’s rolling pin (details here) (photo above left)

Hanne Gaby Odiele (on the left) modeling a Twinkle knit before she became the hottest model in the business

These long-cherished sweaters

Cutest Christmas Outfit award goes to …

– And even snowwomen deserve handknits

I can never say enough how grateful I am for your company and encouragement here, your support of Fringe Supply Co, and the many ways in which you inspire me to be a better, braver garmentsmith. Thank you so much for reading these past twelve months (and beyond), and I’ll see you right back here next year.

DON’T FORGET the Log Cabin Make-along kicks off on New Year’s Day when I’ll unveil the full panel and their respective plans. For now, I can just tell you: It’s gonna be a fun one! Happy swatching, eating and ringing in the new year in the meantime!








Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

It’s always a joy, at any time of the year, to see people raising money and making donations to good causes, especially those that are near and dear to me/us as knitters and sewers. As you may know, for the past two years I’ve donated a percentage of Fringe’s revenue each quarter to Heifer International in the form of their Knitters Baskets — a set of fiber animals given to families in developing countries and communities, from which they derive fiber and milk, income and sustenance, and they also pass along the first female offspring of each animal to another family in their community.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving and, collectively, we’ve given dozens of these “baskets” at this point, and will continue to do so. Every time you shop at Fringe Supply Co., you’re contributing to that, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward in this way — so thank you forever and always for that. Today I want to pass along a couple of other excellent options for giving the gift of support, and I encourage you to make a direct donation to Heifer, as well: Fibershed Carbon Farm Fund and Knitters for Doctors. I’m sure you all have a hundred other suggestions of great initiatives under way, so please share them below!

And with that, here’s Elsewhere—

The history of the cardigan sweater, from the battlefield to the Chanel workroom to Kurt Cobain

Are you knitting for peace?

– Another FAFKAL sweater has become a pattern! the South Bay Sweater

Dream outfit (thx, Clare!)

Brilliant idea for getting some practice and/or making use of your swatches (photo above right)

Everything about this

– Lovely piece about how Amirisu came to be

My ideal Christmas wreath

This yoke sweater. No this one.

– Definitely trying Kathy’s Insta slipper pattern (photo above left)

Yes or no?

IN SHOP NEWS: There’s something very exciting happening in the near future, which shop newsletter subscribers got the heads-up about, and I’ll post an update here later. [UPDATE: It’s Jen Hewett Field Bag day! Details and release schedule here.] (If you’re not subscribed to the shop emails for future reference, there’s a signup box in the upper right of every page at fringesupplyco.com) And there’s a fun little something happening over on Instagram as well: follow @fringesupplyco and check out #mydreamfringemix for more on that. And of all the tiny exciting things in the world, bonsai scissors are back in stock!

Have an amazing weekend, everyone!



THANK YOU and Elsewhere

THANK YOU and Elsewhere

I’m just back from a week in Florida with innumerable loved ones gathered together for a big family event, where I had even less time and connectivity (and knitting opportunity) than I expected — hence my spotty attendance here. Among the many things I’m thankful for at the moment, one of them is finally being able to leave the house with my waxed camo Field Bag after months and months in hiding! But what I’m seriously most thankful for today (after my lovely family) is all of you and all of the support you’ve given to me, and to this blog and to Fringe Supply Co. When I think about how my life has changed since the day I learned to knit and started to blog about it … the mind reels. And I couldn’t do it without you — so thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your ongoing support.

Since most of you are in the US and celebrating Thanksgiving today/this weekend, I’m including Elsewhere links here today and will resume normal posting on Monday!

First: Remember my post about Stella Tennant and Nov ’96 Vogue? Well, I now have both the US and UK (sorry, meant to say) Paris editions from that month in my possession, and none of those photos are in either one. There is a feature in the US one in which Stella tromps and rows around the Adirondacks, at one point wearing an ivory Ralph Lauren turtleneck very much like the one in that post, but now I’m dying to know where/when those vaunted photos were from. Some other Vogue edition of that month and year, or something else entirely? We might never know — but if you have any leads, please share them!

3 designers creating clothes for life — not the runway (thx, Claudia) — Maureen Doherty, especially, is my new idol

How to wear a yoke sweater (on the beach!)

– If you’re in a group that knits for a good cause, YarnCanada might be able to help you with some yarn

– I love these Love More mittens and what Leigh had to say about them

These Japanese dioramas blow my mind

– I’m crazy about Jen’s winter sewing plan

– I want a hat that looks exactly like this

– Congrats to Felicia on the launch of Soul Craft Festival

– and Tif has me obsessing over that Markham Collar again

What are your favorite links lately? Feel free to share!

Happy feasting, all — and if you’re in Nashville, I hope we’ll see you at the pop-up on Saturday!




Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

If you enjoy Katrina’s interviews for her Slow Fashion Citizen column and want to hear her interviewed, she’s the latest subject on the Crafty Planner podcast., which is what I’ll be listening to this weekend! And beyond that, an eye-candy heavy Elsewhere—

How to darn a sock mini-tutorial (photo, left)

OMG this embroidery and all the rest

– Same goes for Kristine’s travel jacket (more here) (photo, right)

– And Narangkar’s color wheel

Vogue on women who shear sheep

– I was never one to dream about wedding dresses buuuuttt …

These colorwork hats are kind of killing me

– And favorite IG photo this time is a tie between this and this

IN SHOP NEWS: I’m happy to tell you we’ve got the sweet new book by Andrea Mowry, A Sense of Place, in the shop today!





Elsewhere and then some

Elsewhere and then some

First things first:

1) I’m in Rhinebeck this weekend, where our lovely stockist Harrisville Designs will have a nice juicy Fringe Supply Co. display in their booth. (That’s building 39, booth 3!) I will also be hanging out in their booth on Saturday morning, from gates-open until falafel time, so come say hello if you’re there! After that, I’ll be roaming the fairgrounds, and I have a The Future is Female pin for anyone who is carrying any Fringe bag around the festival (while they last), so if you see me, show me!

2) Meanwhile, back at the ranch, DG will be holding down the fort at Fiber in the ‘Boro, our favorite show of the year. This is a fantastic little Middle Tennessee fiber festival, and if you’re in the area, don’t miss it! That’s all day Saturday.

3) I’m seriously dying to tell you what we’re cooking up for the next Fringe and Friends Knitalong, but it’ll have to wait until I’m back at my desk, so look for that on Tuesday!

4) The Slow Fashion October topic for the final 10 days — is WHERE. As in, share your sources, people! Clothing and shoe brands, services, fabric retailers, yarns, whatever it may be … where do you get the stuff you feel good about? Share it on #slowfashionoctober.

And with that, a fully Slotober edition of Elsewhere:

– The warm and wonderful Sandi Hazlewood interviewed me for her Crafty Planner podcast this week and asked me a bunch of good questions nobody has asked me before! (Let me know if I said anything stupid.)

– Samantha Lindgren has posted the full details of the big fabric swap she’s organizing — I’m so excited about this!

– Coincidentally, Sam referenced the very next link I wanted to share this week, which is Felicia’s post Enough is as good as a feast — have you read it?

– Seamwork on personalizing vintage clothing to give it new life

– “In April, 2017, Markham became the first municipality in North America to support textile diversion by banning textile waste from curbside collection service” (thx, Erin)

– “Of course I want to make every new pattern I see, and to buy all the beautiful yarn and fabric I can get my hands on, but then I’m just back to fast fashioning my slow fashion — and how many of those projects will I actually finish?”

– “We could argue all day about relative merits of recycled polyester versus organic cotton, or how much you’re benefiting the environment by paying more for organic cotton, but it’s hard to argue with a mother getting paid a fair wage in safe working conditions.” (thx, Leila)

Wherever you are, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Thank you for reading—






Bento Bags in recycled grey or pink

Happy Friday, friends! #slowfashionoctober is off to such a strong start that I’m struggling to keep up with all the introductions! Which is awesome, and I look forward to catching up over the weekend. On that subject, first up for today is next week’s topic, which is: WHAT. As in: What are you doing differently than you have in the past; what shape does “slow fashion” take in your closet; what are the items in your closet (0r your stash or your project bag) that you feel the strongest about … and why?

And with that, an extremely meaty Elsewhere:

– Knitter, programmer and DIY community member Kelsey Leftwich has been working on a wardrobe-planning iPhone app for the past year or more, and it’s now available in the App Store: it’s called Capsule Wardrobe and it’s on sale this month in honor of Slotober— huge congrats, Kelsey! I haven’t downloaded it yet, but if you beat me to it, please report back!

– Great advice from Heather on how to boost your sewing (or knitting) confidence: Just make it already!

– Charity knitting drives to consider: Knit Big for Little Lungs and multiple Warm Up America! intiatives

– Have you heard? Squam lives on!

– Incredibly beautiful NYT piece about Mexican weavers and natural dyes (thx, Holly)

– I’m Fascinated by Solidwool

– One of many alarming notes in this bit of guidance for companies manufacturing in Asia: “… figures compiled in 2013 found that there was more than one factory fire per week in Bangladesh.”  (thx, Angela)

What do synthetic fibers and shellfish have to do with each other? “Outdoor gear manufacturer Patagonia found that the average synthetic jacket releases 1.7 grams of microfibers per load of laundry. Each load may generate hundreds of thousands of fibers, which can slip through filters on washing machines and wastewater treatment plants and eventually make their way into ocean waters.” (thx, Dania)

– How come no one ever told me you can make a rug out of finger-knitted chains?

– Ella Gordon’s vest from the Cowichan-style Knitalong is now a pattern!

Free yoke inspiration

I would knit with Alan Cumming (thx, DG)

These vintage sweaters

This beautiful little story from Katrina

Stunning socks

New smock pattern alert

Carina’s lace shawl tattoo is the coolest (thx, Tunet)

Top 100 Knitting Blogs — what are your favorites?

Sweetness overload

– And why didn’t I think of that?

IN SHOP NEWS: There are two new colors of Bento Bags available! Pictured up top, the fabric is a 100% recycled hemp/organic cotton blend with a lovely slubby tweediness to it, and it’s available in grey or pink (aka light red). Conscientiously made in California.

AND IN OTHER NEWS: I’m SUPER excited for next week because I finally get to reveal the details of the next Fringe and Friends Knitalong! So have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here next week—