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Happy Friday, friends!

Yes to pompoms on doorknobs, can we just agree on that right up front?

– I’m so excited about Summer Stitch Fest!

Great story and reminder of what an amazing time it is to be a maker

– How much do you know about where cotton comes from?

– “Sustainable agriculture is about more than food. It is a system approach and our clothing is part of that system. Please give us an opportunity to provide locally grown clothes!

– On ethical manufacturing … in China

– Good life lessons: What I’m really learning from my sewing project

– This notebook

This tiny story

This tiny fashion muse (and yes I want to scale that top pattern up to my size)

– And who but @loritimesfive would go traveling around Iceland with their own handmade fairy lights? (details on them here, and don’t miss the full range of Iceland pics in Lori’s feed right now)

QUICK SHOP NOTES: If you were looking for a grey Field Bag and found them sold out, they’re baaaack! AND the magical Etta+Billie balm is now available in Lemongrass Mint! It’s a dream.

Have a marvelous weekend, everyone —



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Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

First I have to say something about Bill Cunningham. When the NYTimes Breaking News Alert popped into my inbox that Mr. Cunningham had died, I let out the loudest “oh nooooooo!” But when there’s someone out there who you know has been doing what loves every single day, day in and day out, for decades — was still doing it at age 87 — and you hear that he’s gone, all you can think is we should all be so lucky. If you’ve never seen the documentary about him, do yourself a favor and watch it this weekend.

– Previously mentioned and now available: Brandi’s Shawl Collar pattern and Fancy Tiger’s Adventure Tank pattern

– Between this blog post and the Blåne skein she sent me, Dianna has me very intrigued by Norwegian wools

The history of fashion silhouettes (see also: Hemline wars in history)

Knitting pattern design and submission tips from the master, Michele Wang

– Learning the lost art of shoemaking (I wanna!!)


This is what awe feels like

Chambray and wool? Yes, please

I’m waiting

– And hey, any time you’re looking for a little inspiration, try the Apiece Apart Woman interviews

SHOP NEWS: We’ve restocked so many sold-out favorites this week I’m not even sure I can remember them all! Walnut hand looms, Putford scissors, wooden rulers, Bento Bags in all sizes/colors, brass hangers, brass-and-steel scissors, blackened brass buttons … you should probably just go take a look!



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Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Hey, tomorrow is Worldwide Knit in Public Day. And it’s also the start of Crochet Summer. Are you planning on either?

Breaking it all down for you this time around—


– The story of Fancy Tiger’s incredible 100% Colorado-made yarn, part 1, 2 and 3 — and my enormous congratulations to them on their 10th anniversary! Wish I could be there tomorrow …

Why make yarn in the US at all?

Tips on knitting with linen yarn and on improving your knitting generally

How to define your personal style in 5 simple steps


Vintage hap stretching photos (and how to make your own)

Major sweater inspiration

Stunning old crocheted lace

Best handmade prom dress in history

When an FO causes me to give a pattern a second look

And absolutely everything about this

In shop news, we’re retiring the Sheepmoji tote to make room for what’s next, and there aren’t many left on the shelf. If you’ve been wanting one (or another one!), act now!

Have a terrific weekend, everyone — thank you for reading!



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ELSEWHERE: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Before I forget, I want to let you all know I’ve been redoing the Fringe Association boards over on Pinterest. I’ve never been able to keep up with the old “best ___ patterns” boards I set up long, long ago, and thought it would be fun and useful to create a board for each of the series I do here on the blog. So I’m basically — gradually! a handful of posts at a time — repinning almost the whole archive of the blog, pinning series posts into corresponding boards. You can always see any series at glance right here on the site by clicking the linked series title/tag down in the categories and tags links at the very bottom of any post, and the series I post into most often are also linked in the right rail of the blog. But this gives you a way to see any series at a glance over on Pinterest, as well as to follow anything you’re interested in. For example, you can see/follow the Make Your Own Basics board, or the New Favorites board, or whatever floats your boat. I’m only up through the end of 2012 at the moment, so they’ll be filling in gradually over the next couple of weeks. It’s fun to see those old posts resurfacing — there’s so much stuff I still want to knit! So go check that out, and of course please re-pin liberally!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

– Uh oh, I was afraid this might happen: Wool shortage in Iceland

– vs. a yarn revival in the UK

5 ways to build a more ethical closet (no matter your budget!)

Sometimes the best tip is practice — as true for knitting as for sewing

The myth of patience in craft (goes well with the last Q for You)

Short history of the sewing kit (via)

Cute crochet baby blanket

– Name change alert: Blue Sky Alpacas and Spud & Chloe are together becoming Blue Sky Fibers

I can haz?

– and, really, I have no words for this

SHOP NEWS: The new issue of Taproot arrived, and its theme is my current favorite subject, “Preserve.” It’s a really great issue, so take a look at that as well!

And please have a marvelous weekend. Thank you for reading!



Photos from Iceland Mag and The Craft Sessions


Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Woot, Friday! Here’s the latest batch of yarny links for killing time in the office today or perusing at a leisurely pace over the weekend—

– I’m thinking about doing the 2016 Outfit Along 2016 — are you?

Fantastic interview with lopapeysa addict Jenn aka @knit.love.wool

Compendium of wisdom on sock-knitting

Mending as an act of random kindness in SF’s Tenderloin district

Behind-the-scenes video at a yarn mill in Romania

Black is the new new (Or should I have gone with “Bringing vintage clothes black to life”?) (via)

Applying “zero-waste” principles to sewing (so much easier for knitters to make use of every inch!)

Stunning fiber art necklaces

Love this FO photo for some reason

annnnd …

Woven animal portraits!

SHOP NOTES: We sold out of the new issue of Knit Wit mighty quick, but more copies are on the way — as are the summer issue of Pom Pom and the debut issue of Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Making. So watch for news on all of that very soon!

I’m planning to finish my Flex tee this weekend! And paint the wall of my new screened porch. What are you working on?



Images via @knit.love.wool and Seamwork


Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

I’m home again and confess I spent less of my vacation time working on Elsewhere than I had planned, so this one’s a bit abbreviated but hopefully still worth your while!

– Are you participating in Me Made May? Seamwork interviews the creator

How nineteenth-century ladies wore their shawls

Adorable art-yarn baby bonnet (free pattern)

– Fantastic roundup of sewing bloggers talking about why they sew

A short history of tailoring

Totally adorable (and I hate to be a skeptic, but does any 12-year-old say “dreaming of a finca in Formentera” and so on?)


Who made my cloth?

I hope you all had a great week and have an even better weekend!



Photos via Kate Davies and Camellia Fiber Co.


Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Happy Friday, friends. I’ve got a fun and informative roundup for you today—

The evolution of Spincycle — great post about a great yarn business

See also the Hinterland backstory

The problem with baby camels (is there aren’t that many of them!)

Oh lord these sweaters

– And uh also, this sweater (talk about a new look at the pattern)

– I’m looking for a few minutes to watch these little movies about makers

Love this post about jealousy, something I wish I didn’t find such a struggle

J. Cathcart Wason, Shetland’s knitting M.P.

I might need this book

So awesome what Ace & Jig does

Best hat in the history of hats

– And can we talk about these curly locks?

Have a great weekend, everyone! Pop by Fringe Supply Co. if you’re feeling shopish. ;)



Photos via Tolt and Paper-Tiger