New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday

New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday

When the Brooklyn Tweed Fall ’17 collection came out, I mentioned there were some sweaters that would come up here sooner or later. I was referring to Galloway by Jared Flood and Voe by Gudrun Johnston. What I didn’t imagine is that, in the meantime, they would put out photos of second samples in their holiday lookbook that are even more stunning in wintry shades of greys and blues. I’m now yearning to have Galloway in my closet in this exact color combo. And while Voe would look terrible on me — I can’t do a motif that encircles the shoulders like that — there is now a Voe Hat! (below) It’s fingering, but maybe I have the patience for fingering-scale colorwork at hat proportions! It’s just so gorgeous.

IN OTHER NEWS! We’re having a holiday pop-up here in Nashville this Saturday, in conjunction with our friends at Mason-Dixon Knitting — the first-ever Taylor Yarn Co-op Pop-up! We’ll both have all of our goods (including our new holiday lovelies and theirs), and we’ll also have some special Field Bags at markdown prices: samples, slight seconds and floor models. (Available only at this event, not online.) It’s happening at 100 Taylor Street in Suite A22 from 10-3, at the same time as the Shop Small Makers Fair is happening, so there will be lots to choose from! If you’re in the are Nashville area, please come see us!

New Favorites: from BT Fall/Holiday


New Favorites: Colorwork slippers

New Favorites: Colorwork slippers

I’m still dreaming about house socks and slippers without actually casting any on, while facing the cold hard fact that my slippers all bit the dust last winter and I really do need to remedy the situation. I’m also at that familiar annual juncture where I’m concerned I might make it to January without having knitted any colorwork at all this year! Dianna Walla’s Hearth Slippers are still a temptation (especially after this pic she posted of her own the other day) but I’m also smitten with these two:

TOP: Burnett Slippers by Whitney Hayward are a knockout and extra cozy at that length

BOTTOM: Hansdatter Slippers by Kristin Drysdale — I’m a sucker for that Selbu Rose motif, they’re a quicker knit, and I already own the Rauma yarn

Both are super cute on the bottoms, too, but I clearly need to add leather reinforcement to mine.


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New Favorites: Striped cabin

New Favorites: Striped cabin

I’m trying SO HARD not to get sucked down the log-cabin rabbithole just yet. Honestly — in addition to how much time I could easily spend just dreaming up ideas for the Log Cabin Make-along — I’m afraid if I decide on a course of action too soon, I won’t be able to resist casting on before New Year’s. However, I ran across this Misha & Puff pattern and nearly fell off my stool, and had to share it right away. They call it simply the Heirloom Blanket, and the palette is exquisite, but I am so wowed by the deft incorporation of speckles and stripes here. This one is entirely made of mitered squares seamed together (which is all fine and dandy) but could also be done with the ninepatch log cabin technique found in MDK’s Log Cabin primer.

I can imagine making this beauty at wrap size and never not wearing it.


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New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

I’ve been favoriting hat patterns like crazy at Ravelry lately, and have printed out no less than threeHuck, Lancet and No. 1 below — as my just-in-case alternate travel project for later this week. (How will I pick one?!) Since I know a lot of you are gearing up (or already in the midst of) holiday knitting, I thought this would be a good chance to update the ever-popular Holiday hat knitting cheat sheet, this time organized by what kind of knitting you’re in the mood for. Note that most of them are unisex, and a couple include kids’ sizes—

1.) Simple knits and purls: Anker’s Hat by PetiteKnit (See also: the sweater version)

2.) A little colorwork: Luzerne Hat by Whitney Hayward

3.) A lot of colorwork: Miguel Hat by Rosa Pomar

4.) A little cabling: Parallelogram Hat by Angela Hahn

5.) A bit more cabling: Kagome Beanie by Veera Välimäki

6.) Teeny-tiny cables: Sumburgh Hat by Jen Arnall-Culliford

7.) Whole big bunch o’ cables: Brackett by Whitney Hayward

8.) Stockinette plus: Top-down Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho (free pattern)

9.) Little bonnets: Animal Bonnet by Jenny Gordy

10.) Big bonnet: Diana Hat by Martha Wissing

New Favorites: (Holiday) hat mania!

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New Favorites: Ol’ softies

New Favorites: Softies

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me — maybe it’s part of my fall fantasizing, or maybe it’s because I think the whole world needs a warm hug — but I’m having a moment of lust over fuzzy-soft, allover-texture sweaters:

TOP: Kogle by Julie Hoover is a worsted-weight sweater covered in small-scale mock cables

BOTTOM: Marylin by Martin Storey is from a 2013 Rowan publication and would take some work to track down (nevermind knit!) but I’m so smitten with those fine-gauge hazy cables


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New Favorites: House socks

New Favorites: House socks

Thoughts of my upcoming Rhinebeck trip have me dreaming of house socks — as is normal anyway for this time of year — for two reasons. One, I’m a little preoccupied with flannel pajama pants and thick socks for wearing around our rental house, which in my imagination is apparently quite drafty. And two, I need a small-scale project to take with me. I’m envisioning myself standing in the long unmoving lines — waiting for a falafel or an autograph — knitting out of the giant pocket of one of my beloved smocks. (I don’t even know what I’m wearing yet, but this is the persistent image in my head!) If it’s a sock I’m working on in that moment, I obviously haven’t made them in time for lounging around le chalet, and really my plan is to be starting a Cline sleeve by then. But regardless of any of that, I am sorely tempted by Andrea Mowry’s lightly textured Marluks (bottom left) while craving the cables of Irina Dmitrieva’s Hot Chocolate Socks (bottom right) and yet actually very close to casting on Purl Soho’s old-school Seamed Socks (free pattern) up top. Minus the fiddliness and plus the trip-worthiness, I can imagine actually completing a pair. The yarn is even sitting quietly in my stash …


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New Favorites: from the Grannies collection

New Favorites: from the Grannies collection

I had a little chat with myself the other day — after seeing a photo of my friend Kathy wearing a gorgeous crocheted scarf (in Iceland) — about just how long it’s been since I’ve picked up a crochet hook, despite how often my right hand sends me a “let’s do this (loopity loop gesture)” hand signal. Then I got a look at Rove Handmade’s new Grannies collection: four not very dissimilar cardigan/shrugs. Invoking “granny” always gets eyes rolling, but here it’s clearly a reference to the good ol’ Granny Square, which here has taken on these simple but beautifully executed garment shapes. My favorites are the super simple kimono shape, Hexa (top), and the Duo Two-Way Shrug (bottom), which somehow seems to lay nicely both directions — unlike all the knitted versions of the same concept which generally seem to me like they don’t quite fit right either direction. And the silhouettes are so clean it’s easy to see that they’d be just as wonderful in traditional granny multi-colors as they are in the beautiful neutrals of the samples, or anything in between. Maybe this is the excuse I’ve been looking for to take home some hooks.


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