New Favorites: Marmor

New Favorites: Marmor

This might sound funny but I’ve always wanted a garter-stitch sweater. It’s one of those things that is forever rolling around in the back of my mind. Just about every time there’s some yarn I’m planning to knit with and trying to figure out what, I ask myself “Is this the garter-stitch sweater?” Part of the reason it’s never happened is I can’t decide whether I want it to be a pullover or a cardigan. But this new cardigan pattern, Marmor by Regina Moessmer, could maybe be the thing to scratch that itch. Like all things truly beautiful, it’s super super simple, but “God is in the details.”


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New Favorites: The Twigs

New Favorites: The Twigs

One of the most interesting pattern designers to come along the last few years is Junko Okamoto, whose first pattern Child and Mam was fascinatingly unusual. She repeatedly combines volume and colorwork in a truly unique way, but her most recent pattern, The Twigs, is the one I can’t get out of my mind. I’ve been saying for a longtime that someday I will knit an allover colorwork sweater, and this one is a definite contender …


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New Favorites: Adrian

New Favorites: Adrian

Easily one of my favorite knitting patterns I’ve seen lately is a lovely little cable hat called The Adrian, by Armenuhi Khachatryan, so I was really excited when it showed up in the starting brackets for MDK March Mayhem and sad it didn’t make it any farther in the competition. I just think it’s so striking and unusual how the cables are deployed here, and if you sit and follow the path of those cables with your eyeballs, your fingers will start twitching with the urge to knit them. Irresistible, this one.


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New Favorites: from The Artisan

New Favorites: from The Artisan

You guys know how much I’ve loved some of Helga Isager’s past collections (2012, 2013, 2014), and when the images from her new book, The Artisan, started showing up on the Internet, I knew I was not only going to be saving a ton of them at Ravelry for later, but that I would want to stock this one in the shop. It arrived last night (the English version) and I swear I almost slept with it under my pillow, hoping I could wake up inside of it. The whole thing is incredible, but my top picks are:

TOP: Pearls – an allover diagonal-stitch pullover

BOTTOM LEFT: Birch – a cozy slouchy cocoon cardigan

BOTTOM RIGHT: Twine – a fuzzy little cabled turtleneck

You can see the whole pattern set at Ravelry and pick up a copy of the book at Fringe Supply Co.!

p.s. If you’ve had your eye on the black Field Bag, please be aware it’s now in limited supply, so get it while they last!


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New Favorites: Chevron hats

New Favorites: Chevron hats

I’ve heard from so many of you that you’d love to knit the Channel cardigan but aren’t sure about taking on the scale of the project. And then there’s me (and others), having worked that lovely stitch pattern and missing it. So for all of us, here are some recent hat patterns with differently enticing chevron stitches to entertain us:

TOP: Braddock by Christina Danaee

MIDDLE: Quill by Andrea Mowry (in the current issue of Taproot)

BOTTOM: Prism by Emily Greene


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New Favorites: Texture by the yard

New Favorites: Texture by the yard

Working on my Channel cardigan over the last several weeks has deepened my appreciation for textured fabric created through knits and purls rather than cables or lace stitches. There’s something so meditative and melodious about knitting those stitches and watching the fabric build, which has me craving more of that. And has sent me back to my favorites in search of scarf patterns that not only allow you to just sit there and create texture, stitch by stitch, but are the ultimate showcase for the finished yardage, as it were:

TOP: Binary by Michele Wang features large, alternating blocks of texture

BOTTOM LEFT: Facade by Shellie Anderson is almost certainly not just knits and purls — wrapped stitches, maybe? — but look at that beautiful texture-blocking and how a simple rectangle shows off the fabric

BOTTOM RIGHT: Broken Garter Scarf from Purl Soho employs one of the simplest of sequence knitting combinations to great effect (free pattern)


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New Favorites: Spring shawls

New Favorites: Spring shawls

March! That time of the year when we all start to ditch our coats and knitters replace them with shawls instead of jackets—

TOP: With Ease by Sylvia McFadden looks to me like it’s knitted from the left edge to the right tip, which is as tempting as that gorgeous stitch pattern

MIDDLE LEFT: Black River Blanket Shawl by Sam Lamb is a basic top-down triangle shawl with the visual punch of a trio of stripes

MIDDLE RIGHT: Flindra by Libby Jonson is an elongated triangle with intriguing construction plus slip-stitch colorwork

BOTTOM: Goderich Blanket by Tara-Lynn Morrison is a small rectangle worn as a wrap — love that “diagonal rib” stitch (free pattern)


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