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A couple of Decembers ago, a good friend gave me the most awesome blank book for my birthday: a scissors-embossed kraft cover on a notebook compiled from found papers of every variety. A year or so later, I started selling Knitters Graph Paper Journal, and on a visit to the maker‘s studio one day I discovered she’d also been behind that Found Paper journal (long since sold out). And, more important, that she was in the process of amassing paper for another edition. Recently she reached critical mass with the collecting, and that second edition is now available at Fringe Supply Co.: Found Paper Memo Books! Smaller and available in four letterpressed colors, it’s even better than the original. Let’s just say that the day the samples arrived at the studio, DG and I had a bit of a brawl over who was going to get which colors. You might pick one or collect all four, but do take note: They’re a limited edition, gone when they’re gone!

Speaking of scissors, our collection of matte black minis is growing. And you’ll also find another amazing skin balm from Little Seed in the shop today, Botanical Butter. And if it’s Mother’s Day gifts you seek, the shop is full of all sorts of great gifts even non-knitter moms will love: blank books; the ever popular carved wood bowl; Bookhou totes, storage boxes and zip pouches; Bento Bags with their myriad uses — and lots more! We’d love to send your mom a box of beautiful things.

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


New Favorites: from Plucky’s Spring Forward collection

New Favorites: from Plucky's Spring Forward collection

It’s always a pleasure to see the Plucky Knitter sisters and crew at Stitches events, and last weekend I also got to see a lot of the samples from their new pattern collection, Spring Forward. Somehow their crazy-plucky color palette makes me wish I were a color person, and yet you know I’d likely knit all of these things, my favorites of the bunch, in a nice heather grey—

TOP LEFT: Beach Walk by Jill Zielinski, a simple shrug with a nice lace motif up the back

TOP RIGHT: Lake Effect by Amy Miller, a sweet granny-chic lace cardigan

BOTTOM LEFT: Screen Door, an allover textured-lace shawl, which I would like in this green, actually

BOTTOM RIGHT: Tide Chart by Amy Miller (pictured on Amy with her Porch Swing shawl), a good ultra-basic, top-down pullover (if you’re not ready to improvise your own)


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Dreams do come true

Dreams do come true

Ever since I sewed that striped Wiksten tank and imagined it with a loose, matching skirt, I’ve been scouring the web for the right skirt pattern and asking my sewing friends if they know of anything. “Something loose but not too full. Easy to sew. Big pockets.” Along the way, I decided multiple versions of this imagined skirt are the key to my summer wardrobe happiness and began to despair of finding the right thing, thinking I’d have to resort to the old big-loop-of-fabric with elastic waist — which I’ve failed to properly proportion in the past — with some massive patch pockets stuck on. High risk of homemadeness. Then, like magic, the Purl Bee posted their Gathered Skirt for All Ages (a free pattern, no less). It is a big loop of fabric with elastic waist, but with interesting piecing and integrated pockets that make it look less homely than the one I feared I would turn out. It’s also a bit fuller than I desire, so I’ll have to do a tiny bit of size testing to see what suits me. But they’ve graded it for eleven sizes, from child through adult, so there’s sure to be one that will work, right?

Now all I need for my original dream to come true is more of that striped khadi …


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Knit the Look: Elin Kling’s spring shell

Knit the Look: Elin Kling's spring shell

Although it troubles me that people wear jeans to Fashion Week these days, I am in love with this outfit of Elin Kling’s — a classic, gossamer, ivory shell paired with funky jeans and black stilettos. Simple perfection, and a great way to get to wear a sweater in spring or fall. When I saw it, the first sweater pattern that sprang to mind was Evening Calm, from the current issue of Amirisu, because I am more than a little obsessed with it. It’s a bit more textured than Elin’s sweater, with the central cables, but would look phenomenal worn this way. Instead of pure wool, though, I might suggest knitting it in a wool-cotton blend, such as the amazing Bomuld og Uld from Geilsk, in natural.

Check out Vanessa’s original post for more shots of this outfit.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

So nice to meet you!

So nice to meet you!

Stitches South is over and I’m gonna sleep for a few minutes and get caught up on the rest of everything, but I wanted to say to the crowd of you I got to meet this weekend how much I enjoyed it. You’re a bunch of lovely humans and it’s always a pleasure to put faces to names, but it’s also a unique sort of fun to be part of a community of people who have no qualms about asking to pet your sweater vest — or even try it on. So thank you for coming by and saying whatever you may have said.

Happily South will be in Nashville again next year, the last weekend of March, so put it on your calendars! And we’ll also be at the East Side Fiber Festival this June 27th. Meanwhile, I know a bunch of you followed suggestions from my things to do in Nashville post, and I’d love to hear how it worked out — especially if you went places I haven’t been to yet!

Say hello to the Sheepmoji tote!

Say hello to the Sheepmoji tote from Fringe Supply Co!

This has been the hardest thing to keep under my hat because I love this tote — it just makes me laugh. For this year’s Fringe Supply Co. tote bag design, I enlisted one of my dearest friends and favorite illustrators, Mignon Khargie, to make me a “sheepmoji” heart-eyed sheep and she hit it out of the park. The Sheepmoji tote is making its live appearance at Stitches South in booth 325/327 — where DG and I will be today through Sunday — but you can also order it right now at Fringe Supply Co. to be shipped on Monday (lots of restocks this week, so look around!) or pick one up today at any of these fine stores—

Unwind, in Burbank; Yarns on First in Napa; Abuelita’s in Pasadena; Knitterly in Petaluma

Fancy Tiger Crafts in Denver

Knit New Haven in New Haven

Fuzzy Goat Yarns in Thomasville

The Yarnery in St. Paul

A Grand Yarn in Arrow Rock (as of May 1)

Knitting Bee in Beaverton; Stash Local in Corvallis; Happy Knits in Portland

Hidden River Yarns in Philadelphia

Haus of Yarn in Nashville; Nutmeg in East Nashville

Apple Yarns in Bellingham; Tolt Yarn and Wool in Carnation

Home Made in Swainton; Do Ewe Knit in Westfield

Me and Ewe in Austin (congrats on your grand opening!); Madtosh Crafts in Benbrook

Fibre Space in Alexandria

Firefly Fibers in Beaver Dam; Make.Do @ KC&T in Kaukauna

88 Stitches in Langley, British Columbia; Knit Stitch in London, Ontario

L’Oisive Thé in Paris

And en route to Purl Soho, so check with them in a few days!

I’m especially jealous of anyone who gets to buy it in Paris. But wherever you are, run don’t walk! And I hope you have a magnificent weekend—

New Favorites: The hats of BT Men Vol 2

New Favorites: The hats of BT Men Vol 2

Yesterday Brooklyn Tweed released BT Men Volume 2, and my favorite patterns are the two beautifully cabled, perfectly unisex hats. Crag by Jared Flood, up top, features the most gorgeous staggered, interlocking horseshoe cables. Snare by Norah Gaughan, bottom, has more of a twisty-twining cable pattern that also looks like a lot of fun to knit. And thankfully both are written for worsted-weight Shelter so they’ll be just what I like a hat to be: quickly, deeply satisfying.


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