Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

No chatter from me today, just a pile of great links for you!

How to style your L’Arbre Hat (you did make a L’Arbre Hat, right?)

Jaime’s new quilt is jaw-dropping

– Congrats to Hannah Fettig on her new book, Home & Away (which includes assorted Fringe Supply Co. goods for props!)

This warms my cockles

A seamworker’s Guide to Nashville (to augment my little Nashville guide)

Too good for words, Gridjunky, too good for words

– Has anyone tried the Knitter’s Toolbox app yet?

– I’m eager to see the True Cost Movie, releasing at the end of this month

– Related: the Grow Your Jeans project




Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Friday! And not a moment too soon. Things are pretty intense at Fringe HQ right now, with tons of exciting stuff going on behind the scenes — most pressingly prepping for Stitches South next week. (My weekend will be spent sewing miles of muslin drape for the booth walls. Wish me luck.) Who’s coming?

Meanwhile, Elsewhere—

– Did you hear? Brooklyn Tweed is moving to Portland

– The simplest circular need storage

Kids who start charities boggle my mind (thx, Doug)

– I’ve picked out my fantasy Craft Sessions class lineup. Now if I could just win that lottery …

– I might have to sew up an Orton, a simple oversized tote bag from Merchant & Millsfree pattern here (I just heard myself and laughed — because yes, I have so much spare time and so few tote bags! But still)

– Jaime and Amber went to meet the sheep behind their Heirloom Romney yarn and posted loads of adorable photos here and here

– I’m loving this trend of knitting patterns as Instagram posts: see Freebie Worsted Ankle Socks from madelinetosh and @wisktenmade’s Lamb hat baby pattern in the form of a step-by-step knitalong happening on her feed now over multiple posts

– See also: How to mend a small moth hole by Andrea Rangel and How to use a lifeline by Lori Graham

– Speaking of knitalongs, I know you’ve all just cast on for the Fringe Hatalong No. 2, but I want to also let you know about the Harrisville Designs knitalong-competition-with-prizes being hosted by my friends at Squam, of which I’m to be one of the judges — details on the Squam blog!

– And don’t miss Cirilia’s blog post about the evolution of L’Arbre.

Happy weekend, everyone — can’t wait to see your L’Arbre hats!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

I, my friends, am elsewhere this week. I fly to Florida today for a few days of much-needed sun and fun with my family. Under normal conditions, I would have made the week before my trip as stressful as humanly possible by trying to do two weeks’ worth of blog posts in one, making the vacation that much more necessary! But last week was already off-the-charts busy/stressful, so it just wasn’t an option. All of which is to say, apologetically, this may be my only blog post for the week. I’ll almost certainly turn up on Instagram (as both @karentempler and @fringesupplyco) and I can’t swear another blog post or two won’t happen, but right now it seems highly unlikely. So I leave you with some tasty links to chew on—

— Felicia on Simple Sewing 101, part 1 and part 2 (with more to come)

— And to go with that, Tilly outlines a basic toolkit for new sewers

These books are rather tempting

“Yarnkraft” = love

— Did you know BBC Radio has a Knitting show? Neither did I till my friend Sarah alerted me — I hope to give it a listen one of these days

Australia’s oldest man (109!) is still knitting (via Rebekka)

— I’m eager to see what Bristol gets up to

— And this made me laugh my arse off — love that Anna Maltz

Ok, I’m off — see you when I see you. Oh! And don’t worry about Fringe Supply Co. — DG will be here every day shipping orders just as fast as you can place them. Business as usual!


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Vintage sweaters, snow days and Elsewhere

Vintage sweaters, snow days and Elsewhere

My friend Victoria Heifner of Milkfed Press (she prints the Yarn Pyramid) recently came into possession of a trove of vintage craft supplies and asked me if I would like these two Jack Frost pattern booklets from 1950-51, one book of men’s sweaters and the other of women’s. These vintage booklets always kill me. They’re generally not more than 32 pages each but they are so packed with patterns (even with the full-page photos), and every pattern is a little gem. They’re not tricksy or fancy in any way — just solid, useful, beautifully designed garments. Page after gorgeous page of them. The patterns are all much briefer than knitters have come to rely on these days; they assume you know how to knit, so they cut to the chase. The two books here have as many as 3.5 sweater patterns per page. I adore them, and clearly so did their original owner. The spines have been taped together after falling apart from use, and not recently — the tape has been there long enough to have yellowed and disintegrated by now. The ladies’ book also had the previous owner’s notes tucked inside. Such incredible treasure, Victoria, thank you. I can’t wait to knit from these.

The vintage vest I’m currently knitting is coming along nicely — you can see a glimpse of the finished back piece here. And I did actually sew last weekend for the first time in a year! Rather than diving into the Sonya Philip pattern I wrote about last Friday, I decided it would be wise to start back in with a pattern I already know — dust off those particular brain cells after their long disuse. So I traced off a modified Wiksten Tank and cut it out of some khadi cloth I bought at A Verb for Keeping Warm last spring. We had another snow day in Nashville yesterday, which for me means a work-at-home day, and I spent what would have been commute time finishing it up. I’ll show it to you soon!

Meanwhile, a mini-Elsewhere for your weekend clicking pleasure:

– There’s a promising new webmag called Woven Magazine that just kicked off with a terrific interview with Nashville weaver Allison Volek Shelton, who you’ve heard me raving about before.

– It’s been a long time since I professed my love of Karen Barbé’s blog, but anytime I want to be inspired by the way someone else’s mind works, a trip to her site always pays off. Her aesthetic, her photos … so good.

– I’m happy to hear that Kelbourne Woolens is planning to do Crochet Summer again — maybe that and this free pattern will mean I finally make that granny-triangle shawl I’ve been talking about for … how long?

– And have you ever seen anything more beautiful than these sheep?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone — thanks for reading!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Our forecast for a foot of snow yesterday proved to be way off base. But what we did get was a heavy coating of ice topped with snow. So it was a quiet, work-at-home sort of day — which may be repeated today, depending on what we wake up to. (I’m hoping the roads are safe enough for us to get to the studio and ship the weekend/holiday orders, but please bear with us if that’s not the case.) Whether you’re similarly cooped up at home or just in want of some good yarny links, these are for you—

• What a true knit lover looks like

• I fell into some kind of trance watching this rug being woven

• I’ve been loving the #knittertools tag on Instagram that cropped up in response to my lost tool pouch, but Anna Maltz took it to a whole ‘nother level

• Do you have an emotional support alpaca?  (thx, DG)

Tif Fussell is killing me with the  “woolly tattoos” that have followed her craft-life-changing embroidered mittens, but none more so than this sweater

• Adored the backstory on Dianna Walla’s Swedish Pancakes mitts pattern (which is in Pom Pom issue 12)

If I ever take up quilting …

• And this made me laugh


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Elsewhere, new goods, and come to Nashville!

Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

I have a little Elsewhere for you today, for starters:

I also want to talk to you about Stitches. Many of you have asked if I’ll be having a booth at Stitches West again this year, and after a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided not to. One of the many reasons is that Stitches South is moving this year, from Atlanta to my newly adopted hometown of Nashville! So I’m concentrating my energy on the (hopefully) much bigger booth I’ll have at Stitches South in late April, and I’m encouraging you to come. If you’ve ever thought of traveling to Nashville, I can’t think of a better time. The Stitches shows (where I learned so much of what I know) are so worth going to — whether or not you have to travel to get to one — but they’re generally near destination towns, not in them. South will be right here in Nashville, at Opryland. So in this case, you can partake of the amazing classes and the marketplace and get to enjoy the town. It also coincides with the Nashville Flea Market, which I’m told is ranked in the top-ten fleas in the country but I can tell you is the best flea I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. Restaurants, music, hiking trails, the flea, and a chance to attend Stitches. Why would you not come?! I’ll have more to say about it between now and April, but you should seriously take a look at the class schedule and give it some thought. Grab a friend and come together!

Elsewhere, new goods and Stitches South!

And I have exciting shop news: First, there’s some amazing micro-batch yarn from Abundant Earth Fiber, which you can read more about right here. Because there is so little of it, I’m declaring that it will be for sale at 10am CST this morning, and when it’s gone it’s gone, so set an alarm. Also, as noted above, the Wabi Mitts kits are back in stock in all colors and larger quantities this time, so hopefully you can get the one you’ve been wanting! And the beloved wooden gauge rulers are also finally back in stock.

Happy shopping, happy reading, happy knitting, and happy weekend!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

I’m on a plane to Phoenix today, headed for the winter trade show. Last winter in San Diego was when I wore my one-armed Acer in the Hyatt lounge one night while drinking with a bunch of knitters. This year I’m taking my Amanda with me with the full intention of wearing it to the actual show on Saturday — and I haven’t packed a backup. So instead of doing a Monday blog post last night, I worked on my button bands. If it’s not done, will I wear it all day without finished bands or buttons? Let’s all hope/pray we don’t have to find out. And yes, that means there’s almost surely no blog post for Monday. Sorry! But hopefully these links will keep you busy for a bit—

Could use a scarf like this about now

Can’t wait to see where Carrie Hoge is going with this

Love. This. Girl. (thx, Anie)

–  The making of Clara’s cormo (I’m saving this to read on the plane)

Jen’s wardrobe plan makes me want to sketch again. Also: Mesmerizing

How is this even possible?

– and have you ever seen a more beautiful yarn cabinet?


ON A SEPARATE NOTE: We’ve restocked the concave horn buttons, narrow-rim horn/bone buttons and soft concave corozo buttons and have expanded the size and color variations available in all three. DG will be shipping today as always! And I’ll do my best not to run off with whatever is left upon my return. That is seriously a whole lot of beautiful buttons.

Happy weekend!


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