Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Know what I’m excited about?

- the impending Seamwork webmag from Colette

- the impending podcast from Woolful

- Ann Shayne’s crazy 8-yarn sweater for the #fringeandfriendsknitalong

- the fact that people like this exist (thx, jo!)


- Felicia Semple’s Stash Less series

Not to mention there’s a new BT Wool People collection coming along any minute now … [UPDATE: Here it is, the Wool People 8 lookbook]



Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Before I get into this latest batch of tasty links, I just want to say I know I’ve been pretty tight-lipped about our move and how things are going in Nashville. I put up a little post about it on Instagram last night, for anyone who’s interested.

Now! Let’s get to the important stuff—

— Did you know it’s UK Wool Week / Shetland Wool Week? I, for one, am wishing I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

— Related: Melody at Mandarine’s is hosting a knitalong of the beautiful (and free) Shwook Hat, the official pattern of Shetland Wool Week.

— Semi-related: Entrancing video by Kathy Cadigan for Gudrun Johnston’s lovely new pattern collection, The Shetland Trader Book 2

— Very very tangentially related: I would like this deluxe reproduction of Weldon’s Practical Needlework from Victorian England, please.

— Unrelated, but related to you know what: Anna pointed me to this One Jumper Project. Marvelous.

— Cable-licious: Loved seeing Bristol Ivy’s charts and creative process for her Maeve cardigan at the Kelbourne blog.

— And in case you haven’t heard, the Mason-Dixon ladies are blogging again. Hooray! I was blown away by Ann Shayne’s post that kicked it back off, Poverty and Luxury. So good.



Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

My dream of knitting a few rows this weekend did not come to fruition. We moved into our house finally last Wednesday, with our 15 boxes of miscellany and 1 chair. After months of saying it and knowing it in the abstract, it’s a bit of a shock to find that we really did get rid of just about everything we own(ed). There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes with me lately, which I won’t bore you with, but we’re not nomads anymore, we have a bed and two chairs now — so we can both sit down at the same time — and as of yesterday we have Internet access again. My inboxes are completely out of control; if I owe you an email, please know that you are far from alone and I am making progress on getting caught up with it all. It’s wonderful to be in high demand and horrible to not be able to respond to everyone in a timely fashion. But I also have help again, starting today, so hooray for that.

Anyway blah blah, some lovelier things of note Elsewhere:

— One day I hope I’ll go to The Craft Sessions, but I enjoyed seeing scenes from this year on Felicia’s Instagram stream

— I hadn’t heard of Fiber College but suddenly my Instagram feed was full of it over the weekend. (E.g. @hodgepodgefarm, @agatheringofstitches); adding that to my wish list

— I may not be knitting (or sewing) but, geez, somebody has been; check out Z’s summer finishes!

— And it’s nice to see Jenny Gordy blogging again


ALSO OF NOTE: Pom Pom issue 10 has finally arrived at Fringe Supply Co.


Updates and Elsewhere

Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Thank you for the all the great knitalong input yesterday, everyone! You’ve given me a lot to chew on. Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

— A short history of steeking. And of mattress ticking. And also the gansey

— The Knightsbridge collection I was just raving about is now available for download(s), as is the Josh Bennett Grandson Cardigan that I modeled for you in May

— Still a few days to learn sculptural random weaving

— The aforementioned Hole & Sons yarn should be coming along any day now

— I’ll have the chevre, please (thx, Jo)

Care tags (more)

Such beautiful photos from Melody’s trip to the Latvian handcraft “museum.” See also, wow. And aw geez, people you’re killing me!

If I weren’t already a James fan, this would do it … (thx, Leigh)

— Yarny fundraising campaigns in progress: Canon Hand Dyes at Indiegogo and Knit Wit Magazine at Kickstarter

Making as a habit

— And @ashveen is killing it with the Iceland photos



Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Elsewhere is exactly where I am these days, y’all. (I have free license to say y’all as much as I want now, so watch out!) My life is as disrupted as it can possibly get — and instead of getting more settled, it keeps finding ways to get more unsettled. But I am GOING WITH THE FLOW. Let’s just say I’m getting really good at shipping orders from the back of my car. Next week though (knock wood knock wood knock wood) I will finally have access to my new studio, so at least there will be some partial new normal to come, and hopefully a return to regular blogging. Meanwhile, fibery links for you to explore:

— Sarai Mitnick on why it’s ok to be a selfish sewer (or knitter!)

— “I love it because it was knitted by hand and with love. Its imperfections make it special and they make it mine. They make it better than all of my straight, even, normal-necked knitwear.

A mystery knit-along I would not have regretted. (Mystery knit-alongs scare me.)

— Jared Flood on color theory for knitters, Part 1 and Part 2

— I’m wowed by what all got made after Fancy Tiger’s Indigo Dye Day

Love this tote pattern

— and I’d like to visit the Voss Folkemuseum, please.

Have a marvelous weekend — please tell me what you’re working on so I can live (i.e, knit) vicariously! And p.s. for those who’ve been waiting, I just added some more copies of Macramé Pattern Book to the shop.


Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

If you read only one thing this weekend, make it this interview Kate Davies did with “The Icelandic Knitter” Hélène Magnusson. I’ve wanted her book Icelandic Knitting: Using Rose Patterns since first seeing a photo of those shoe inserts and now can barely stand that I don’t own it. (Seeing as how we’re in the middle of  selling or donating everything we own, it might be the first thing I buy when we get to Nashville.*)

Also when I’m unpacking instead of packing, I’m going to implement a yarn equivalent of Sarai Mitnick’s brilliant fabric stash tagging solution.

Knitty’s First Fall issue is out. I LOVE these faux-cable socks and, of course, this bit of bento praise — thanks, ladies!

On the rebirth of sewing and mending and such in the UK. (“If you want to make people understand why £4 for a T-shirt is not the right price, get them to make an item of clothing.”)

Excellent mattress stitch tutorial.


Woven wall hanging tutorial.

Short history of the sewing machine.

And I’m loving the story of the Texas angora goats who provide the fiber for Quince and Co’s new yarn.


Speaking of selling everything we own: If you’re in the Bay Area, you should definitely come to our massive multi-family sale TOMORROW (Saturday), 9-2. Details here.

Have a lovely weekend, you lovely people!


Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Remember that one time when I said I planned to be blogging while I was on this trip? The Nashville leg of it was very last-minute, on the heels of what turned out to be four of the most exhausting (time-difference-challenged) days you can imagine. In addition to being utterly fried, I have some serious personal business I need to focus on while I’m here, so I’m crying uncle and giving up on the idea of keeping up the blog this week. I know at least two of you will be heartbroken, but I hope you’ll forgive me! I leave you with a few links to peruse:

— This post by Kristen at Marginamia made me cry, especially the part about the sweater (of course)

— Are you doing Me Made May? I’m enjoying everyone’s pics on Instagram (see #mmmay14 if you’re there)

I want to be a crofter, please

— Also want this (lucky me, they’re sending me one)

— Gorgeous video profile of Natalie Chanin (via)

— Will someone read this Lean Closet Movement series and let me know if it’s any good?

Plus a SHOP NOTE: For all of you Bento Bag collection completists, the XL bento is now available in both tan ticking and chambray, and the Knitters Graph Paper Journal is back in stock. (And thank you all for the warm welcome for the Knit and Let Knit tote!)

I can’t swear you won’t hear from me again, but you can definitely count on me for Monday! Be well and knit some stitches for me —