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First off, Dianna Walla has written a post for her blog about the 4th Fringe Hatalong (Laurus) in which she talks about not only why she chose Lark for the yarn, but also about Quince’s amazing color-picking tool. Check out both her post and that killer tool. But make sure you have a minute, because it’s pretty addictive.

Professor Clara Parkes on splitty yarns and needle tips

Intriguing discussion of top-down set-in sleeves and a better way to knit them

DIY espadrilles (I’m kind of blown away by this)

8 tricks for perfect top-stitching

How to match plaids when you sew (I suddenly can’t wait to sew something plaid!)

A handmade wedding — exceptionally well done

That’s one pretty yarn cabinet

So wish I could go to this event

– And that I could visit here and here (note to self: London trip)

And that I could wear this outfit every day forever

UNRELATED SHOP NEWS: the mini scissors are back and we’ve got a fresh batch of hand-carved wood bowls plus a small cache of the coveted red vintage fiber mill spindles. Make haste!


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Fiber/fashion links for your clicking pleasure

Lawsy, what a week this has been — with less internet access and less hot water than I expected! Plus all sorts of exciting Fringe Supply Co. business going on. I hope the blog will be back to regular hours next week, but here’s a mini-Elsewhere for you in the meantime!

– Congrats to Kate Davies on her nuptials. Can’t wait to see pics of her handknit cardigan and his handknit kilt hose, and to hear more about their forthcoming yarn.

– More and more, I feel like there’s a quilt in my future. Pretty obsessed with this one right now.

The myth of the ethical shopper

– Great post from Jen on sewing pattern organization (digital and otherwise)

DIY tassel necklace

Oh, and I finished that little sleeveless turtleneck sweater I’ve been working on. Hoping to get pics soon!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

The only thing harder than Mondays are Mondays following holiday weekends. Hopefully you had a really terrific time this weekend celebrating the 4th with friends and family (if you’re in the US), ate your body weight in hot dogs (no matter where you are), drank a few adult beverages (assuming you’re of adult-beverage age), and right about now you’re in the mood to procrastinate whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. Well, Elsewhere is here to help!

– Umm, me on the A Playful Day podcast (Disclaimer: I am not very articulate at 8:00 in the morning. Please replace the word “intrinsically” with “implicitly” and make kind allowances for assorted other offenses against the English language. Also I have no idea why I was talking about Cambodia. Still: hopefully worth a little listen.)

#crochetsummer2015 is alive

– What do you get when John Oliver tackles the subject of fast fashion? 17 pretty hilarious minutes (via Liesl)

Meeting a Japanese indigo master

– I feel like at any given time there are at least three people in my IG feed posting pics from Iceland, but @jennytrygg has really been hitting it out of the park (see her hashtag #davidandjennyseeiceland)

– Super fun to stumble across the Yarn Pyramid in a post on sfgirlbybay the other night (in an unattributed photo of Lisa Garcia’s studio)

– And hey, are any of you attending the SSK retreat? We’ll have a Fringe Supply Co. booth in the marketplace on the 18th, a week from Saturday. Pretty sure the market is open to the public, so if you’re in the Nashville area, make a note!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Hey, thanks for the all the love for yesterday’s new Hatalong pattern, Hermaness Worsted! It’s been really fun to watch all the downloads and see it climbing the Hot Right Now page at Ravelry. If you haven’t already faved or queued it over there, the pattern page is right here.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

Can fashion be fast and sustainable? (thx, Lori D)

Awesome clothesline basket tutorial


— New fantasy yarn shopping destination is Avril in Japan thanks to random successive visits by @vic_pemberton and @keristk

— Also fantasizing about the beautiful new linen fabrics from Purl Soho

— Does everyone know about Fibreshare? (thx, Nutmeg)

— Must-watch #1: Miss Wool of America, 1965

— And Must-watch #2: Yarn 101 (did you sign up for that CreativeBug membership the other day?)

ALSO: Summer Solstice is my favorite day of the year, and to me summer and magazines go hand in hand, so from now through Sunday night, all in-stock Books & Magazines are 15% off with the code MAGADDICT at Fringe Supply Co. Happy stocking up, and happy weekend!


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From Goodwill to Panipat

From Goodwill to Panipat

A reader pointed me to a video that is so beautiful and interesting and hilarious and jaw-dropping that rather than save it for the next full Elsewhere, I wanted to post it all by itself today. It’s called Unravel and it’s a factory tour: a fiber mill in India. If you’re like me, you like seeing how things are made — especially things you never thought to wonder about. In this case, it answers the unasked question of where recycled yarn and textiles come from, and the answer is pretty amazing. But the best part is definitely listening to the lighthearted factory women theorize about what reason Westerners might have for discarding the 100,000 tons of barely worn garments that are processed in that one village each year, the reality being incomprehensible. It’s a must watch.

(Thx, Kate!)

IN SHOP NEWS (awkward!) if you’ve been waiting on the beautiful rosewood cable needles to reappear, they’ve finally made the trek from Vietnam to Fringe Supply Co. I promise you’ll treasure them for years to come!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Tell me what you’re working on—


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

It’s trade show time again, so I’m off to hobknob with the knitterati, but I wanted to load you up with some worthwhile links for the weekend—

– Love the sweater sleuthing from Dianna

– And the gauge investigation from Simone

– And the Cordova Gansey Project (use the links in the right rail to proceed)

Sonya is my idol

– Want (to make) these dresses

Why we dress how we dress

Last Season (thanks, KB)

– On a more somber note, this is not easy to watch but so important to understand (thanks, Renee)

– How many people are choosing to make their own clothes? “The global market for sewing machines is estimated to reach 30.8 million units by 2020, up from about 23.7 million last year.

– Here’s to more clothes like Huelo’s dress becoming less rare and more attainable

East Side Fiber Festival is mere weeks away! Are you coming?

ALSO: The new Taproot is here, and it’s my favorite theme they’ve done yet — Wild! Everything from foraging to fermenting; raising “wild” children; recipes for wild salmon, wild blueberries, wild rice; etc. The are two great tutorials: Margaret Oomen of crocheted rock fame writes about how that all began and shares a how-to for a baby puffin crocheted rock. And our friend Jen Hewett has a tutorial for a beautiful block-printed tea towel. You can grab that at Fringe Supply Co., of course. Embarrassment of riches in the Magazine department right now!

Have a great weekend! See you Monday—


Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

No chatter from me today, just a pile of great links for you!

How to style your L’Arbre Hat (you did make a L’Arbre Hat, right?)

Jaime’s new quilt is jaw-dropping

– Congrats to Hannah Fettig on her new book, Home & Away (which includes assorted Fringe Supply Co. goods for props!)

This warms my cockles

A seamworker’s Guide to Nashville (to augment my little Nashville guide)

Too good for words, Gridjunky, too good for words

– Has anyone tried the Knitter’s Toolbox app yet?

– I’m eager to see the True Cost Movie, releasing at the end of this month

– Related: the Grow Your Jeans project