Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

It’s been a while, I know, but here are some things I’ve been loving lately:

• Felicia on the most important lesson there is: learning to read your knitting. That is truly the point where everything changes, so if you don’t know how to read your work, go read every word. (See also her amazing quilt roundup, swoon)

• The incredible Nido has branched out; how amazing are these Telar textiles? (Did I learn to weave yet? I really am getting that Cricket Loom soon.)

Better living through yak down

Tara Hurst in a sweater her grandmother knitted in Emma’s Lovely Lady series. (I love Tara’s blog.)

• Coveting this simple tee

Amazeballs (thanks, G)

• Next year I’m going to the Scandinavian festival with Lori

• And in case anyone hasn’t seen it, this is your brain on knitting


Updates & Elsewhere

Updates & Elsewhere: Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

You guys, I got sooooo much knitting done this week for the Tag Team Sweater Project. It was like old times. Unfortunately, I also ripped out a lot of it — specifically, 8.5 inches of Anna’s second sleeve. Late Tuesday night, I finished the second cuff, knitted to the first increase and put a pin in it. The next night, I had a marathon knitting session and worked those 8.5 inches, lining my increases up above that first one. Only at midnight, when admiring my output, did I notice that I had put the first one in the wrong place. With 99% of all sleeves, it wouldn’t matter — I’d just declare that my new center point and carry on accordingly. But since this cuff is garter-in-the-round, which leaves that pseudo-seam, they did need to line up in the exact right spot. So I ripped and re-knit. Before all that happened, I was on track to have the sleeves shipped out today on (re)schedule. But if I excuse myself from the studio for a couple hours this morning and knit my little heart out, I may still be able to send them out today. Cross your fingers for me! Or for us both — looks like Anna is cutting it just as close.


Do you all know about Among Friends? I was honored to have the High-fiber tote included in their Best of the Bay box, which just shipped out. These three ladies have been really great to me and they do such a thoughtful job with their club — you should take a look at their upcoming offerings.

Also: I loved seeing this turmeric-dyeing tutorial by Rebekka Seale on Wool and the Gang’s blog. And Jared Flood’s post about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s “Knit, Purl, Sow” show. (Say that three times fast.) And I can’t wait to read this Julie Hoover interview at Caitlin Makes.


I asked the lovely Molly of Ambatalia, maker of the amazing Bento Bags, if she could make an even bigger bento, and she happily obliged. So today in the shop you’ll find the all-new, first-ever XL Bento! Big enough to hold all the yarn and parts of a worsted-weight sweater. Or, y’know, a small child. It’s awesome! There aren’t very many in this first batch, so if they sell out before you get there, never fear — I’ll have more in a few weeks.

Also new today are some perfectly charming Bonsai-style scissors that nobody should be without.

And! At long last, I got a bunch of rice baskets in — both natural and patterned. Hie thee to Fringe Supply Co.


Have a great weekend, everyone — thanks for reading!


Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Today is a crazy day (in a good way) over here at Fringe HQ — final preparation for some really great Valentine’s Day-worthy additions to the shop, which I’ll tell you about tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

— Have you heard about the top “how to” searches at Google for 2013? (Thx, Jo and Meg)

— Big thanks to Shiona for mentioning Fringe in her great piece at Never Undressed: How knitting became a high-end hobby.

— Wool and the Gang are also mentioned in that piece, which reminds me, last chance to enter the giveaway!

— It’s great to see Carrie Bostick Hoge blogging (and publishing!) so much more at her new URL.

— You gotta love the faces alpacas make.

— You also gotta love this sweater — and the history behind it.

— Bad break-up leads to 17.2 pounds of ex-girlfriend’s yarn listed on Craigslist. (Thx, Sarah) Plus one happy Raveler who claimed it. (Thx, Hannah)

— And omigod this book of Tilly’s! I died.



Yarny links for your weekend enjoyment

I don’t have any new knitting to show you this week, but I do have some links and updates you won’t want to miss!

- The Unfinished Ones is a Stockholm gallery exhibit by Kari Steihaug, wherein unfinished knitting projects are hung as art, along with their stories — some funny, some poignant (thx, Kerstin)

- The late, great Ruth Asawa made the New York Times memoriam-roundup, The Lives They Lived

- How to knit onto leather! (Reminds me of those amazing Annie Williams clutches — ugh, so beautiful.) (thx, Anna)

- Take note: The yarn business having taken over her life, former Blog Crush profilee Rebekka Seale has officially moved her blog

- Lovely free sock pattern at Cotton & Cloud

- Lara’s Hat! I like this better than the mega versions I was predicting would be everywhere


- The first new addition of the year is this spectacular tobacco-brown waxed canvas tool pouch (one of them went straight home with me)

- I should have called the Thank-You Sale the Bento Bag Stock-Up Sale — you all wiped me out of them in two days flat! Except for the underappreciated tan ticking, which is one of my favorites! As of yesterday, though, I’ve got all sizes and colors again, but in some cases just a few, FYI. More coming later in the month. (And speaking of the bentos, this is one clever customer.)

- Last but not least, the “High-fiber” tote — featured in the new Knitscene, which I haven’t seen yet — is now available at Home Made in Swainton NJ. And Apple Yarns in Bellingham WA, already fully stocked on other FSCo goods, will now be carrying the Yarn Pyramid — look for it there in a few days! (Full stockists list is here.)

Have a fantastic, fiber-filled weekend, everyone!



Elsewhere: new patterns, great reads and more

At home in a post-holiday fog? At work for the lame-duck session between Christmas and New Year’s? I’ve got some links to keep you occupied for a little while:

Jess Schreibstein alerted me to the fact that the Juniper Moon Farm yarn CSA is open for registration again — shares of 100% Cormo wool. Cormohhhhhh.

— Speaking of Jess, I loved her 3-part maker series: illustrator-artist Elizabeth Graeber, Kay Wang of The Things We Keep and Ashley Bram-Johnson of ABJ Glassworks.

Norwegian-sweater coloring sheets.

— Modern Farmer interviewed Clara Parkes: Everything you always wanted to know about wool but were afraid to ask (via Knit York City, where you’ll find more great links).

— See also: Clara’s Year in Review.

As promised, Bristol Ivy and Amy Christoffers have both released the patterns for their Rhinebeck sweaters: Messaline and Cinnamon Girl, respectively.

— See also: Kay Gardiner’s “heroically” gigantic Biggie Cowls (I love the construction as much as the scale); and from True Brit Knits, the perfect use for your holiday knitting scraps: the Leftovers Hat. (Predictably, I love the monochrome version.)

— And oh, hey, Pam Allen loves my State Street Cowl!

Did Santa bring you anything yarny?


Giving thanks and Elsewhere

Yarny links for the long weekend

I’m taking some semblance of a day off today — as I hope you are, if you’re in the U.S. — and celebrating Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. I also believe in taking life one holiday at a time, so I do have a little shop update, but it will happen tomorrow morning, along with a short blog post about that update. But I wanted to leave you with a few links to keep you entertained, and also with my most sincere thanks. Of all the things I’m grateful for, the opportunity to do this — to run Fringe — ranks way, way up there. I know I’ve said this a lot and recently, but I can never say it enough: It means the world to me that you find what I’m doing worthwhile. I am truly thankful for your time, your advice, your encouragement, and everything else.

So with that, a little Elsewhere:

— Is your pet turtle this well-dressed? (I love that my husband sent me this link.)

Adventures in historically-correct knitting

— What could be more 2013 than a Kickstarter for custom-fit, 3D-printed sweaters

— A campaign I’m seriously contributing to: Mendocino Wool & Fiber

— “Handmade is never small” — Meredith’s latest yarn bomb project

— and my favorite yarny Instagram of the week (read the caption)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone!


How to knit like a Latvian + Elsewhere

Boxed mitten knitting kit

Remember those signs from the universe I mentioned the other day? The most thrilling one was that I won a giveaway last month. I never win giveaways. For one thing, I almost never enter them. But when I saw the photos at Mandarine’s of this beautifully boxed Latvian mitten kit, from the most enticing looking yarn shop ever (in Latvia!), I was overcome with longing. And then she told me I won! And this week it arrived and I still can’t believe I won it. It’s entirely possible I’ve gotten better things in the mail before, but if so, I don’t know what.

There’s a short history of Latvian mittens included in the pattern, all about deities and wedding chests and Latvia being “famous for the fact that the oldest mittens have been found here by archaeologists.” It also says that “for several centuries [mittens] were the main form of gift and endowed with magical significance.” Magical, indeed. Thank you for passing along the tradition, M.

Elsewhere (mini):

— Best wishes to Tolt Yarn and Wool on the grand opening this weekend — wish I could come!

— If you haven’t seen Christopher Walken knitting and shearing, stop what you’re doing and click. (h/t Linda)

Favorite yarny Instagram of the week.

— Another book worth a look: The Knitted Slipper Book by Katie Startzman — lots of things I’d like to slip my toes into.

Happy Friday, everyone — have a great weekend!