New Favorites: Flying Squirrel to the rescue

New Favorites: Flying Squirrel to the rescue

Already our Fringe HQ next-door neighbors are cranking the shared A/C, and I’m sitting huddled over the space heater on perfectly warm days with my big grey shawl around my shoulders, trying to get it to stay draped over my goosebump-covered arms. I’m dreading those long months ahead where it’s 100 degrees outside and 65 inside. Thinking about my spring/summer clothes — and specifically the fact that several of my favorite things are wide-cut smock tops that don’t play well with cardigans — I started wondering if there was such a thing as a single garment that could be left over my chair at work and pulled on over literally anything, including those smocks. After a few not-useless hours spent combing through kimono- and batwing-shaped cardigan patterns on Ravelry, I finally realized the answer was right here on the blog, in a New Favorites post from three years ago: Flying Squirrel by Michiyo. It’s a wide rectangle shawl/wrap/stole (ok, it’s a blanket), and can be worn as such, but it also has cuffs. CUFFS! For those moments when you need your blanket-scarf to pretend to have sleeves. But given that it technically has none, there’s no garment interference to worry about. And it’s cute!

I found the unicorn! Now I just have to knit it (minus the sporty stripes) … which might take me a lifetime of frozen summers. That is a whoooole lotta garter rib right there.


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New Favorites: Camp wear

perfect campsite knits

I have got camping fever, people. West Texas road trip fever. Live in a van fever, even. I’m way past due for an outdoor adventure, and editing a book of camping recipes (with corresponding drool-inducing images of savory foods in cast-iron skillets over open fires) is not helping. Then along comes the preview for the new issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. Look! Oddly, I wasn’t factoring knitwear into any daydreams I may have been having, but I am now!

LEFT: These adorably slouchy Camp and Trail socks by Pom Pom’s Lydia Gluck would be a dream after a long hike into the backcountry or around a campground fire.

RIGHT: And this Flying Squirrel wrap by Michiyo (from the new Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 5 collection) would be equally perfect around camp. It’s a big rectangle shawl with anchoring armholes on two corners, which you wouldn’t always have to use. It cracks me up that the pattern is called Flying Squirrel (get it?), and that it’s defined as a “textured stole garment.”

Have I ever told you my friends Meg and Jo (mother and daughter), who taught me to knit, take camping trips together where they just camp and knit? I need to get in on that.


New Favorites: Simple little stockinette wraps

knitting patterns for simple stockinette wraps

We all know how important it is to have a simple little stockinette project on the needles, for those times when you want something mindless to knit. Or when you’ve screwed up a row of your slightly lacy cardigan and aren’t ready to face fixing it …

LEFT: Cabinfour’s Nordic Wind is a super simple little triangle shawl with wide stripes — shown in four shades of grey, from dark to light, for a little bit of ombré effect.

RIGHT: The Purl Bee’s Beautiful Spring Scarf is nothing but a stockinette rectangle with fringe. But ooh la la, how curious am I about that cashmere-linen blend yarn it’s designed for. And the idea of nylon cord for the fringe is pretty genius.