First of the best of Fall 2015: Wool and Gang walks again

First of the best of Fall 2015: Wool and the Gang walks again

Following last year’s Eek hat for the Giles Fall ’14 collection, my friends over at Wool and the Gang had more knits walking the runway at London Fashion Week yesterday. This time they collaborated with Christopher Raeburn on his shark-themed Fall ’15 collection. As seen in the photos here (from @woolandthegang and @jade_harwood) the pieces include a pair of shark-shaped mittens plus a killer multi-color slouch beanie and big fringed scarf. The mittens, dubbed the Bruce Knitmitts, are available on their site straight away, both as finished goods and a knit kit, and they’ve promised to let me know when the hat and scarf patterns are available later this year. My compliments to the Gang on what must have been another thrilling ride. And to Raeburn, who looks pretty pleased with those mittens.

p.s. They were kind enough to send me an Eek hat kit when I was crying for a fast break from my four months with Amanda, but I haven’t knitted it up just yet. Love. That. Hat.

p.p.s. If I had the sewing chops, I would totally be making my own version of that olive-drab duffel coat with Grainline’s pattern. That is my dream coat right there.


New Favorites: Twist Collective’s cabled delights

Twist Collective tweed cable sweaters and mittens

The fall 2013 edition of Twist Collective includes a pattern collection titled Woolgathering that is full of woolly cabled delights. But what makes me love it more than the tweeds or the cables, or even the tweed cables, is that the story was so beautifully and unfussily shot by Jane Heller and features this grande dame of a model. Magnificent.

TOP LEFT: Rafters by Stephannie Tallent, seamless shawl-collared cardigan (+Ravelry)

TOP RIGHT: Apple Catchers by Rachel Coopey, ribbed and cabled mittens (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM LEFT: Foxcroft by Marnie MacLean, shawl-collared pullover (+Ravelry)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Literati by Amy Herzog, cabled-lace argyle cardigan (+Ravelry)


In other news, ICYMI for this week is a sort of back to the future: Best of Fall 2013, NYC. (Back to the future? The then-future is now?)

Snow’s silver lining: spectacular mittens

best new mittens knitting patterns

Sometimes I forget that mittens exist outside of storybooks. In my head, they belong to those picturesque, all-white, deep-winter wonderlands — which are (thankfully) totally foreign to my existence. But the nightly news the past few days, along with my Instagram feed, have reminded me that the world is full of people who need, wear and knit mittens. And as it happens, there have been a lot of great patterns released lately. These six are almost enough to make me wish for a snow day —

1. Classic Mittens from the Purl Bee (free)

2. Icy Water by Muraka Mari (free)

3. Adiri by Julia Trice

4. Knoll by Michele Wang

5. Jagged Ridge by Kiyomi Burgin

6. Pinion by Véronik Avery