New Field Bag! + Elsewhere

New Field Bag! + Elsewhere

BIG FUN over at Fringe Supply Co. today: the new CHARCOAL Field Bag — so swoony, so hardworking, made right here in Nashville — and the new issue of Making, Dots! Both are more beautiful than my photos can describe, but there are lots of pics over in the webshop, so go take a look. You can also find the Charcoal Field Bag today at our Limited Goods stockists listed right here. (And in case anyone missed my heads-up about it, please note that Toffee is going on haitus when our current stock runs out!)

I also have some fun and thought-provoking links for your Friday/weekend perusal:

Girls knit their way to a math career (via)

– “I knit where I want” — persist, lady, persist!

– Love this brief history of Bohus Stickning

Crochet bowls make a pretty awesome wall display

– If you’re in London, please go see this for me

How evolutionary instincts drive modern-day shopping behaviors (via) (and have you heard about J.Crew?)

– And reissue alert: Frank Lloyd Wright’s fabrics (gah!)

Thanks for choosing to spend some of your time here this week. I hope you have a yarn-filled weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!



To everyone who’s been asking for it …

Now in BLACK! The Fringe Porter Bin

BIG SHOP NEWS TODAY! The Porter Bin you know and love is now available in black — and it is a beauty. Also new in the shop are the latest issue of Selvedge magazine and the third volume in the Mason-Dixon Field Guide series.

And we’ve got many of your favorites back in stock:
Both issues of Making magazine (back in print!)
Lemongrass-mint Etta+Billie skin balm
Owl scissors
Japanese tapestry needles
Lykke interchangeable needle sets
– and all sizes and lengths of the Lykke fixed circulars

You can get all of the above today at Fringe Supply Co! And the black Porter Bin is also available at or in transit to these fine stores, so if one of them is your local, please check with them for instant gratification.

Have a happy and restful weekend, everyone — I’m looking forward to catching up on all the comments from while I was away …

How to use Lykke (and other) interchangeable needles

How to use Lykke (and other) interchangeable needles

The first time I ever used an interchangeable circular needle, it was in a class situation. For reasons I no longer recall, the kind woman next to me loaned me one of hers, quickly showing me how to use the little turnkey to attach the tips to the cord as she slid it all towards me. “Stick this little key through the holes in the end of the cord, and that way you can hang onto it better as you’re screwing on the tip.” And ta da, instant tutorial! That’s how you use interchangeable needles with threaded cords and tips.

How to use Lykke (and other) interchangeable needles

I never quite realized this isn’t knowledge we’re born with — that it had been handed down to me — until we started selling the breathtaking Lykke interchangeable needle sets and getting emails from customers having trouble attaching tips to cords. Since sets don’t include instructions for whatever reason, I thought I’d take a minute to go over the contents of the Lykke set:

  1. Needle tips, of course
  2. An assortment of cords in varying lengths, which you can combine with whichever size tips you’re using to make exactly the size and length of needle you need in any given situation
  3. Keys, turnkeys, doohickeys, whatever they’re technically called — as noted above, you insert one through the holes in the end of the cord anytime you’re screwing or unscrewing components, giving you leverage and torque (There are four in case you lose any. I always keep at least one in my stitch marker pouch)
  4. Connectors, those tiny little silver tubes, which allow you to daisy-chain cords together to make even longer cords
  5. And stoppers, for when you need to leave live stitches on a cord (i.e. as a stitch holder) while using the needle tips elsewhere — just unscrew the needle tip (again, using the key for stability) and screw on the stopper

It’s natural and desirable for the threading to be tight — you want a nice solid join — and with every set I’ve had, I’ve found it’s sometimes necessary to back off and start again (like screwing a lid on a jar and having it very slightly crooked) or flip a cord around and try a needle on the other end. The key should facilitate getting everything screwed together nice and tight and smooth. That said, if you find you have a needle or cord that simply won’t cooperate, even when following these instructions, get in touch with Lykke and they’ll be happy to help!

We have Lykke sets in the shop right now, but I also want to let you know we have individual circs coming very soon! If you’re not quite ready to invest.


Q for You: What’s in your Field Bag?

Q for You: What's in your Field Bag?

I got into a funny conversation the other day with some friends, talking about how deceptive the Fringe Field Bag is. It doesn’t look like a very big bag, but then it holds so much more than you think it will. I’m constantly amazed at the things I see people pull out of them in real life, and am always ogling everyone’s on the #fringefieldbag feed, of course. But these replies from my friends cracked me up:

“I actually have a Field Bag in my car with a fully knit Arranmore sleeve, full skein of Arranmore, 6 feet of tinsel garland, full size fabric scissors and a banana in it.”

“I have an entire boxy sweater in mine right now. That sweater circumference is 60″!!”

“Mine has a sleeve, 3 skeins of yarn, magazine clippings, old sock yarn, half a hat plus the yarn for said hat, a highlighter, a bunch of pouches and my hat I was wearing before I got hot.”

An update out of the blue a few days later:

“9 [knitted] Christmas ornaments, 8 partial skeins of Canopy Fingering, 1 banana, 1 clementine, 1 size US1 DPN.”

I don’t like a really stuffed bag (of any kind), so I tend to keep less in mine than most people, I think — but I have for sure had a banana in my Field Bag at one point or another. Right now I have two hat WIPs and their yarn in one, and a cowl WIP plus two wound DK skeins in another. So that’s my slightly self-serving (market research!) but hopefully entertaining Q for You this week: What’s in your Field Bag? (With apologies to those who don’t have one. Yet!)

SHOP NEWS: Speaking of the Field Bag, we have all five colors back in stock this morning, Porter Bins for everyone, and the Bento Bags have been restocked as well (or will be any minute). The leather wrist ruler is back! We’ve got the Double Basketweave Cowl kit in indigo again (as well as undyed) and the Wabi Mitts kit in all eight colors at the same time! If you’ve been on the (now closed) wait list for the Lykke needles and didn’t hear from me yesterday, you’ll be hearing from me today. For everyone not on the list: if there are any left once the wait listers have their shot at them, I will announce it on Instagram @fringesupplyco tomorrow morning. But we’ve also got more coming next week, and will continue to carry them!

I hope you’ve all had a very merry week, and have an ever merrier weekend—


PREVIOUSLY in Q for You: Are you a wardrobe planner?

Photos from the #fringefieldbag feed, clockwise from top left: @caitstop, @naturally_nora_crochet, @andrearknits, @bohochicfiberco (the November prize winner), @soveryshannon, @xtinawithwolves

Elsewhere + Shop Talk

Elsewhere + Shop Talk

First, a little bit of shop talk:

1) There’s a small batch of the Porter Bin in the shop right now (more next week), and you can also find it today in person at a few of our stores: Purl Soho, Fibre Space, The Yarnery, Tolt Yarn and Wool and (arriving soon) Fancy Tiger Crafts.

2) The Limited Edition hair-on-hide version of our stitch marker pouch is also in the shop this morning — while they last!

3) In case you missed it yesterday, Wish List!

And now, Elsewhere:

Lovely piece on the Verb blog about boro, sashiko and our Stowe Kit (available here)

A video not to be missed (thx, Anna!)

Craft as solace

This sweater

A history of knitting in 46 minutes

Now THAT’s a yarn bomb

Negative-waste fashion? (thanks to multiple tippers!)

– “In one year, this wall clock will make a two metre-long scarf …” (bottom right)

– Have you heard about the Pussyhat Project? (top right)

– I love the concept of the FibershedKAL (top left)

– and I also love MDK’s new Knitstrips feature — patterns in graphic novel form (bottom left)

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone — thank you for everything this week!



Giving thanks and making wishes

Fringe Supply Co. holiday WISH LIST - download and print

I might have overshared a little on Instagram last night, but the fact is life can be hard, business can be hard, but the rewards are plenty. I have so much to be thankful for — my husband and family, my health and my home, and this incredible community. By which I mean each and every one of you. Whatever the triumphs and trials might be, I get to organize my life around the art of knitting — thinking and writing about how we all might be better, smarter, more thoughtful, even better-equipped knitters. And I couldn’t be more thankful — to you and for you.

To the Americans among you, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving feast today!


For everyone everywhere, I have a little something for you — a downloadable wish list for you to mark up and give to your loved ones, in the hope of getting exactly what you want this holiday season. Assuming that what you want comes from Fringe Supply Co. ;)

Thank you for supporting small business!

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season ;)

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season ;)

I’m not sure how it got to be November 18th already, but I’m pretty thrilled because I get to tell you about the gems I’ve pulled together for Fringe Supply Co. this holiday season, with more than a little help from my talented friends. As usual, I’ve added only a few new items to the mix, and they’re things I love with all my heart — from the big and exciting to the tiny and endearing …

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season

PORTER BIN — If you’re on the shop mailing list or follow @fringesupplyco on Instagram, you’ve had advance notice about this indispensable new project bag I’ve been working on all year, the Porter Bin. After several rounds of prototypes (that have traveled all over with me — from Nashville to both coasts and even the Bahamas; in cars, planes and boats) my co-conspirator Alyssa Minadeo and I arrived at what I believe is the perfect large vessel for knitting — equally useful lined up on craft-room shelves or sitting next to your favorite knitting spot or road-tripping around the country. I’ve had each of my sweater WIPs in one for months, and love it so much I dedicated an entire lookbook to it! There is a batch of Porters in the shop this morning (while they last!), and I hope to replenish them weekly from now through the holiday season. You are going to love this bag. (Share yours with hashtag #fringeporterbin)

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season: Lykke "Driftwood" needles

LYKKE DRIFTWOOD NEEDLES — For four years, I’ve been looking for needles I loved enough to put them in the shop, and it finally happened! These Lykke “Driftwood” needles are everything I love about the needles I’ve been using, but so much more! Made of birch with a greyish finish, they’re hard, smooth, perfectly pointed and insanely beautiful, and the sizes are etched into the black metal end caps. Right now they’re available only in sets — interchangeables and straights (so beautiful they make me want to knit on straights) — which are contained in grey waxed denim cases. The interchangeables have flexible black cords and smooth joins. And they’re very well priced, too, given that a set includes 12 pairs of needles, ranging from US4 to US17! Are you drooling as much as I am? Oh how I love these.

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season: Bookhou double-zip pouch

BOOKHOU DOUBLE-ZIP POUCH — You all know how much I admire and love working with Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou, and for this season we came up with one perfect tool pouch — rectangular in shape, with a large main compartment and a second outer compartment for smaller items. And of course we made it in her Knit print you all love so much, with brass zippers set into natural twill tape. You’ll find it as covetable and useful as a clutch as it is for tools! All entirely handmade by Arounna.

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season: enamel pins and tiny wooden bowls

TINY TREASURES — Some of you may have guessed that I’ve been working on an emoji set for knitters for quite some time, waiting for the day it’s technologically possible. In the meantime one of those characters made its appearance on a tote bag, but now these three darlings are available as enamel pins! And then there are the tiny wooden bowls made by my friend James Worsham of Handy Dandy Productions. I’ve been using one of James’ little handmade bowls for stitch markers for a couple of years (sitting on a little tool tray by my chair), so I asked if he would make some for the shop this season, and I’m having a hard time not keeping them all for myself! We have plenty of enamel pins to go around (they’ll make great gifts for your knitting friends, too) but the bowls are limited edition!

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season ;)

BESTSELLERS — Of course, there are plenty of well-established favorites to choose from as well: the Field Bag, the leather wrist ruler, the Woollelujah! tote, the Bento Bags … and all the rest.

Top 10 ways to improve your knitting life this holiday season: Stowe Bag kit

SASHIKO STOWE KIT — And in case you missed the announcement last weekend, in honor of their sixth anniversary our friends at A Verb for Keeping Warm approached me about doing a special limited-edition patchwork Stowe Bag kit, incorporating Sally Fox’s organic cotton, some of the pieces shibori-dyed in Verb’s natural indigo vat, along with touches of sashiko — to be pieced together as your heart desires. We still have kits available, and either the kit or the finished bag would make an amazing gift! If you can stand to give it away …

As always, I hope you’ll love these goods as much as I do, and that they’ll make your life a little bit brighter, smoother, better organized, more beautiful.  Thank you so very much for supporting small businesses this holiday season — mine, those I work with, and others like us. It means more than I could ever say.

Happy heading-into-the-holidays, and have a wonderful weekend!



Photos (mostly) by Kathy Cadigan / Wreath and tree by Vintage Florals