Best of the Best of Fall 2016: Dries’ epic sweater

Best of the Best of Fall 2016: Dries' epic sweater

Well, in a pretty boring season, the Dries van Noten show was just as reliably interesting as ever, and I’m utterly smitten with the simple slinky boyfriend cardigan that showed up in look after look — over ball skirts and under blazers. (A boyfriend cardigan under a blazer used to be one of my favorite tricks; I can’t believe I haven’t trotted that one out in awhile.) (And speaking of blazers, I’ll take this one, please.) But the absolute, undeniable showstopper of the season was this epic sleeveless sweater tunic. Fashion people are always trying to amp up the classic cable sweater and I almost always think it just looks overworked and silly, but this? This thing is magnificent.

I’d like to see it with that killer awning-stripe skort, and the plaid trousers. Heaven.


PREVIOUSLY in Fall 2016: M.Patmos’ blanket-cardigan

Next of the Best of Fall 2016: M. Patmos’ blanket-cardigan

Next of the Best of Fall 2016: M.Patmos blanket-cardigan

Um. Now normally I’m sort of allergic to a hyphenate. But this cabled ivory blanket-wrap-cardigan — a big rectangle with pockets and a button band — is so good I don’t even know what to say about it. Other than well played M.Patmos, well played.


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Best of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Joseph is everything

Best of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Joseph is everything

Just as I was about to give up on Pre-Fall 2016 as being devoid of anything truly jaw-dropping, I found myself paging through the Joseph collection, involuntarily muttering “omigod” under my breath with every click. Truly, for me, it’s beyond words. I love the shapes and the tones and the Sinead O’Connor-ish model. I love the impossibly beautiful coat in look 1 , the sporty looks with the silk blouses, the scale of the pockets on everything, the easy layering, and those utterly perfect boots. This makes me want to wear red on red, and I hate red. And of course I love the knits, including the ones pictured above, but really you should go click through the entire collection. At least once.

These are two of the best outfits I’ve ever seen my life:

Best of the Best of Pre-Fall 2016: Joseph is everything

Knit the Look: Rachael Wang’s silvery cables

Knit the Look: Rachael Wang's silvery cables

You know my current obsession is slouchy dress-down sweaters over simple dresses, and I like ’em cropped, but I’m loving this long, all-platinum version photographed on Rachael Wang. To approximate her fisherman-cable sweater, all you need is Paton’s free pattern, the Honeycomb Aran pullover, knitted it in something luxe and silvery, such as Woolfolk’s Far in Color 03 or The Fibre Company’s Knightsbridge in Barley. Make it a size too big, and add a repeat or two above the hem.

If you’ve got the chops for sewing silk, you could easily make the dress to go under it. See April Rhodes’ Slip Dress pattern, which comes included with the Date Night Dress. Just cut it straighter and longer.

See Vanessa’s post for another look at Rachael’s outfit, head to toe.


PREVIOUSLY in Knit the Look: Alex Yuryeva’s plaid pullover


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

Next of the Best of Resort 2016: a Sea of textiles

Next of the Best of Resort 2016: a Sea of textiles

Resort 2016 is officially the season of fringe and tassels and statement textiles — truly a fiber-lover’s dream season — and Sea is one of the best examples. Over the past few seasons, Sea has become one of my favorites (six months later, I’m still swooning over their Spring 2015 collection) but this Resort 2016 collection is everything. There are no knits to speak of, but there’s that amazing cable-y, braid-y textile used for the fringed top up top (as well as a kimono jacket), and another version of the same top in another stunning textile. There’s all the gorgeousness of that blown-up bandhani/bandana-ish print rendered in bleach on denim on an assortment of pieces, but most of all this dress. And there’s the dreamy long shirtdress with tiers of tassels, shown in ivory and olive. Plus all the denim and lace they’re known for. It’s the sort of collection that makes me want just about every piece in it, but also sets my brain buzzing with inspiration.


PREVIOUSLY in Resort 2016: Tory Burch’s textiles

First of the Best of Resort 2016: Tory Burch’s textiles

Best of the Best Knits of Resort 2016: Tory Burch

Tory Burch’s Resort 2016 collection is a bit of an odd mish-mash of girly florals and Southwest-ish motifs, but the high points are so high. Namely, the kachina doll necklace and shoes, and the two textile-riffic outfits above. It’s hard to imagine that vest with the tassels and fringe not winding up as my Best of the Best for this season, but I’m also crazy for the black-and-ivory pullover with that incredible woven skirt.

One of my personal goals for Slow Fashion October is to sew something from fabric woven by my friend Allison, and this gets my mind racing.


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Knit the Look: Kia Low’s perfect summer sweater

Knit the Look: Kia Low's perfect summer sweater

Not many of us can pull off a gold lamé mini and Rodarte runway eyebrow “makeup,” but this slouchy little black sweater seen on model Kia Low is just the sort of staple we should all have in our closets. It strikes me as a classic Julie Hoover sort of thing, and sure enough she’s got just the pattern: Marly. All you need to do to make it a little more like Kia’s is knit an extra inch or two on the sleeve length.

Black yarn isn’t the easiest thing to come by, and Marly is written for Serena, an alpaca-cotton blend in sport weight, which makes this one extra tricky on the substitution front. (Unless, of course, you want to knit it one of Serena’s colors!) I asked Julie what she’d recommend and, interestingly, she thought of Shibui’s Twig and Pebble held together, which is the exact combo I was just swatching. Marly’s gauge is 23 sts and 32 rows over 4 inches. My swatch in those two yarns held double on US8s was 23 sts and 30 rows. So one could very likely get Marly’s gauge with a US7 or US8 needle and those two yarns, both of which come in the deliciously black Abyss. Or, as Julie points out, Shibui has a number of lace- or fingering-weight yarns that could be combined for this sweater in a variety of fabrics — Twig + Pebble, Linen + Silk Cloud, Cima + Linen. You’d just need the designated Marly yardage in each of the two yarns. And please send the sweater to me when you’re done with it!

See Vanessa’s original post for additional shots of Kia’s outfit.


PREVIOUSLY in Knit the Look: Elin Kling’s spring shell


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission