Someday vs. Right Away: Crochet skills

Someday vs. Right Away: Crochet skills

I keep saying I need to up my crochet game so I can think about making stuff like this and this and this, and instead I only talk about crocheting and have to turn to YouTube all over again every two or three years when I decide to give it a go. One of the first things I ever favorited at Ravelry was Roko’s Borsalino hat, pictured above, knitted from Michiyo’s No.5 hat pattern. (For a similar hat, see the free Novi Hat pattern.) I remember being floored at the notion that one could simply crochet such a hat. My noggin is problematically large (shut up, DG), rendering hats a challenge in general. I’ve developed a fair sense of what I can get away with beanie-wise, but structured hats are pretty much impossible. Which brings me back to that Yoko hat. If I had game, I could make one for myself and make it fit properly, right? So if I want to ever do that, I better get serious about those skillz. Two good places to restart would be Dottie Angel’s sweet and useful Imperial Mitt and Hot Pad and same for Mamachee’s Perfect House Slippers.


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New Favorites: Crochet shawls

New Favorites: Crochet shawls

There was a whole lot of crochet going on around me on my trip last weekend, further stoking my urge to crochet right now. I’m holding steady on my no-shawl-knitting vow, but I wonder if the long rows would bother me as much with crochet, given the difference in how they’re worked? So I keep going back to these two beauties from Quince and Co’s recent crochet collection (all of it extremely lovely):

TOP: Celia by Sara Kay Hartmann is a mesh triangle with zigzag border that reminds me of bunting

BOTTOM: Leilani by Julie Blagojevich has a subtly swooping allover texture

(Note to Cal: One of these days, I’m taking you up on your offer of assistance is getting past granny squares!)


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New Favorites: The tanks of Pom Pom

New Favorites: The tanks of Pom Pom summer

Summer is hard on anyone in the knitting business — especially, I would think, the magazines. But somehow those girls at Pom Pom Quarterly excel at summertime knitting inspiration, and they’ve done it again this year. Issue 17 just landed at Fringe Supply Co, and it has great patterns for every possible kind of summer sweater — long-sleeved linen, short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, sleeveless. But I personally want all three of these:

TOP: Tannery Falls by Sara Delaney is feeding my summer crochet urge in a big way

BOTTOM LEFT: Red Bud Isle by Courtney Cedarholm is a simple striped tank with shoulder ties and a cute crossover back (See also: Bob Top)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Thornett by Sara Thornett is a V-neck tank with simple lace side panels — cute and breathable!


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New Favorites: Crochet goals

New Favorites: Crochet goals

The Spring issue of PomPom has landed, and it’s a beaut. All 9 patterns are worked up in undyed yarns, which makes my heart go pitty-pat. But the big surprise is that two of my favorites from this batch are crochet patterns, which really makes me want to up my crochet game, quick!

TOP: Imitation by Judith Brand is a lovely pair of fingerless mitts in a mesh stitch

BOTTOM: Unfold by Yuliya Tkacheva is a simple cowl in an awesome geometric textured stitch

It’s baffling to me that these are crochet stitches!

I’m also particularly in love with one of the pullovers, Right Angle, but the whole collection is intriguing. We have copies available at Fringe Supply Co., along with a short stack of the winter issue, in case you missed out on that during the holidays. And while I’m at it: the handmade hand looms are back in stock, as are the sold-out fabrics of the beloved Bookhou tool pouch — the two waxed canvases and the immensely popular Veld print.


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

The only thing harder than Mondays are Mondays following holiday weekends. Hopefully you had a really terrific time this weekend celebrating the 4th with friends and family (if you’re in the US), ate your body weight in hot dogs (no matter where you are), drank a few adult beverages (assuming you’re of adult-beverage age), and right about now you’re in the mood to procrastinate whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing. Well, Elsewhere is here to help!

– Umm, me on the A Playful Day podcast (Disclaimer: I am not very articulate at 8:00 in the morning. Please replace the word “intrinsically” with “implicitly” and make kind allowances for assorted other offenses against the English language. Also I have no idea why I was talking about Cambodia. Still: hopefully worth a little listen.)

#crochetsummer2015 is alive

– What do you get when John Oliver tackles the subject of fast fashion? 17 pretty hilarious minutes (via Liesl)

Meeting a Japanese indigo master

– I feel like at any given time there are at least three people in my IG feed posting pics from Iceland, but @jennytrygg has really been hitting it out of the park (see her hashtag #davidandjennyseeiceland)

– Super fun to stumble across the Yarn Pyramid in a post on sfgirlbybay the other night (in an unattributed photo of Lisa Garcia’s studio)

– And hey, are any of you attending the SSK retreat? We’ll have a Fringe Supply Co. booth in the marketplace on the 18th, a week from Saturday. Pretty sure the market is open to the public, so if you’re in the Nashville area, make a note!


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Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Hey, thanks for the all the love for yesterday’s new Hatalong pattern, Hermaness Worsted! It’s been really fun to watch all the downloads and see it climbing the Hot Right Now page at Ravelry. If you haven’t already faved or queued it over there, the pattern page is right here.

Meanwhile, Elsewhere:

Can fashion be fast and sustainable? (thx, Lori D)

Awesome clothesline basket tutorial


— New fantasy yarn shopping destination is Avril in Japan thanks to random successive visits by @vic_pemberton and @keristk

— Also fantasizing about the beautiful new linen fabrics from Purl Soho

— Does everyone know about Fibreshare? (thx, Nutmeg)

— Must-watch #1: Miss Wool of America, 1965

— And Must-watch #2: Yarn 101 (did you sign up for that CreativeBug membership the other day?)

ALSO: Summer Solstice is my favorite day of the year, and to me summer and magazines go hand in hand, so from now through Sunday night, all in-stock Books & Magazines are 15% off with the code MAGADDICT at Fringe Supply Co. Happy stocking up, and happy weekend!


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Free learning!

Free learning!

There’s something else I learned this weekend that I want to pass along, which is that CreativeBug is free for 30 days right now. (This is not in any way a sponsored post. There are none of those here.) CreativeBug and Craftsy are two very deep rabbit holes I’ve so far avoided falling into, but I’ve been especially tempted lately when my friends Jaime and Amber (of Fancy Tiger) have mentioned their latest CreativeBug classes, on both knitting and sewing. During the course of Liesl’s workshop this weekend, she also mentioned several times “by the way, I have a CreativeBug video on [whatever the topic might have been] if you need a refresher,” which really drove home the utility of it. And then one of my classmates mentioned that it’s free right now. Not the “give us your credit card and we’ll start billing you in 30 days” kind of free; the “create a login and start watching all you like” kind of free. There’s a link and code on Liesl’s blog. It looks like the code is good through June 30th and your 30 days start at the time that you use it. (As opposed to its expiring on June 30th. Hope I’m right about that.) And yes, I already fell in. Major binge fest coming up!