Introducing the new Town Bag + “garter stitch” bandanas!

Introducing the Fringe Supply Co. "garter stitch" bandanas!
Introducing the new Town Bag + "garter stitch" bandanas!

I’ve been a little awol this week because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes at Fringe Supply Co., with two delightful new goods for you today: First is the new Fringe Supply bandana pictured here — a 100% US-made cotton bandana (hard to come by!) with a “garter stitch” border hand-drawn by yours truly and available in two colors. For more on that, click through to the webshop.

And to be revealed at 9am CT is a new color of the Town Bag! So if you’re potentially into that, hold off on your bandana order till then. I’ll update this post once that’s live, but you might want to set an alarm to show up at the webshop right at that time. UPDATE: It’s FIG w/ waxed plum, and it’s a knockout!

Introducing the new Town Bag + "garter stitch" bandanas!

We’ve also got eggplant Bento Bags and charcoal Mamoru Mitts kits back in stock! And so much more, as always, at Fringe Supply Co.

Happy weekend, everyone — see you next week!


Me-Made May plans, NEW Town Bag! and more

NEW! Olive Town Bag + Helga Isager "Stitches" book

Somehow I decided to participate in Me-Made May for real this year — although, by that I do not mean taking 31 days of selfies! What I am going to do is track my wears for the month on a little chart I’m designing in my mini bullet journal. (I’ll show you that asap, and elaborate on it — I’ve had a lot of questions about how I’m doing it.) I will be posting the occasional outfit selfie on Instagram, and will do a wrap-up here at month’s end. I’ve been in a real dressing slump lately and am hoping this will get me re-engaged with my closet — loves and loathes, needs and wants, as we head into the hot zone. Will I run into you on #memademay2019? I’d love to hear your plans.

Speaking of things I’ve announced on Instagram lately, if you haven’t already, please read my Squam update!

IN SHOP NEWS: We’ve got the new Helga Isager book, Stitches, and wow is it gorgeous! So many stunning patterns in a beautiful hard-bound volume. BUT WAIT — we’ve also got a new Town Bag color launching at 9am CT! It’s quite possibly my favorite bag we’ve done so far, and I hope you’ll love it too! I’ll update the photos on this post once it’s been revealed [UPDATED: IT’S OLIVE!], but if you’re following @fringesupplyco, turn on post notifications or just pop onto Fringe Supply Co. at 9am! (Where you’ll also find the needles and notebooks pictured.)


I hope you have a lovely, restful, restorative weekend. I’ll be seaming my vest so I can finally dig into the fun bits! How about you?

Photos by Kathy Cadigan for Fringe Supply Co

Gift Guide: To give and receive

Gift for knitters: To give and receive

Having discussed pattern ideas for quick gift knits (hats, fingerless mitts and cowls), let’s talk about the people you’re not knitting for! Not to mention your own wish list. We’ve got gifts for everyone and every budget at Fringe Supply Co., and I thought it might be helpful to break it down by price range, starting with the stocking stuffers above.

I haven’t made a proper Wish List PDF this year, but you could print out this guide and check off your wishes, then leave it lying around for your loved ones to find!

o Stitch markers & removable stitch markers — $5-$6
o Lykke “Driftwood” circs, straights, DPNs, tips and crochet hooks — $6-$16
o Wooden gauge ruler — $8
o Scissors — $8-$11.50
o Enamel pins — $10
o Tulip tapestry and sashiko needles — $9
o Fringe Supply Co. memo book (with or without leather cover) — $10-$32
o Etta + Billie & Little Seed skin balms — $11-$15
o Repair hooks (set of 3) — $14
o Leather stitch marker pouch w/markers — $29
o Gift certificate

Gift for knitters: To give and receive

o Fringe Supply Co. notebooks — $14-24
o Bento Bags (various sizes and fabrics) — $20-24
o Totes, assorted — $20-25
o Fringe Supply Co. canvas tool pouch — $24
o Fringe Supply Co. canvas drawstring bag — $26
(see also: Books!)

Gift for knitters: To give and receive

$50 TO $100
o Leather tool pouch — $64
o Field Bag (canvas, waxed canvas, “Hank” print) — $65-$75
o Mini Porter — $68
o Porter Bin — $85
o Town Bag — $95
(see also: Kits of all kinds!)

Gift for knitters: To give and receive

$100 TO $150
Lykke “Driftwood” needle sets:
o DPNs, small set — $100
o DPNs, large set — $125
o Interchangeable needles, standard tips – $125
o Crochet hooks set — $100
o Interchangeable needles, short tips — $100
o Straight needles set — $150

I hope that’s helpful! What’s on your list?


New kit + Towns in town + Elsewhere

New kit + Towns in town + Elsewhere

Hello, Friday! It’s an exciting day over at Fringe Supply Co. — we’ve got a new Stowe Bag Kit from our friends at Verb, a kit for bags so pretty that photos can’t even convey the hand-loomed khadi, naturally dyed, sashiko-stitched gorgeousness. The kit is available now in three different color/fabric combos, and we do have limited quantities of them — it would make a beautiful gift either in either kit or bag form. And it just so happens Jen at Grainline is hosting a Stowe sewalong on her blog in December!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! We’ll also have this week’s Town Bag update at 9am CT. That one’s a little tricky due to overwhelming demand, so take a second to read the notes on how it will work. And if you don’t get lucky this morning, we will have more next week! We’re doing all we can to catch up with demand, and are grateful for your patience and determination in the meantime.

We also passed the six-year mark this week, and I marked the occasion by updating our About page, if you’re new-ish here or would like to know more about the history and mission of Fringe. We’ve come a long way these past few years! And I’m so eternally grateful for your support.

Now how ’bout a little Elsewhere:

This story of a quest to make an American flannel literally brought tears to my eyes (thank you, Sarah!)


– And back to awesome

A holiday garland I can get behind

– I’m officially not alone in my love of the dickey as all-day wear

– This week in Podcasts I’d Like Time To Listen To: Thread & Ladle

– Same goes for Gretchen Rubin on Love to Sew!

– The “Wiksten Kimono Jacket” is now the “Wiksten Haori” — cheers to Jenny for undertaking that (see also: Jamie & The Jones) and to @little_kotos_closet who was instrumental in both name changes

– Do you have a charitable knitting/crochet project? You might be able to win yarn for it

– Currently loving hats with a bit of mohair mixed in: exhibit A and exhibit B

Have a cozy weekend, everyone!


PREVIOUSLY in Elsewhere: More comfort, more gauge range, and a spot of macramé

Introducing the Town Bag (and more!)

Introducing the Town Bag project bag by Fringe Supply Co.

Today is the day you’ve been impatiently awaiting! The much requested “bigger Field Bag” is finally here, and its name is the Town Bag. But it’s much more than just a scaled up Field Bag. The Town Bag combines the capacity of the Porter Bin with the companionability of the Field Bag, made even better by the addition of external pockets (front and back) in coordinating waxed canvas, which wraps underneath for protection and gives a subtle tone-on-tone effect. (Most apparent in the cocoa/pecan colorway; least apparent in the black/black.) And it can handle a sweater quantity, pattern and tools, as well as accommodating your wallet, comb and keys for those times when your knitting bag needs to double as your handbag. I’ve been using it since summer, traveling with it and putting it through its daily paces, and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do! You can get it now in both cocoa and black at Fringe Supply Co.; black is also available through our stockists; and natural is coming later this month.

We also have the last batch of coveted waxed plum Field Bags (until next year) in the webshop this morning, so if you’ve been waiting for that one, don’t hesitate!

And today I’ve also got a whole new lookbook for you! For this year’s Winter Lookbook and for the launch of the Town, we actually went to the country and created the ideal yarn-filled winter staycation at the beautiful Bloomsbury Farm — shooting in both farmer Lauren’s house (that bathtub!) and the Airbnb above the stables. I hope you’ll enjoy a stroll through the photos — they’re some of my favorites yet.

And there’s another holiday surprise hiding in the pages of the lookbook, too, so go check it out! 

Fringe Supply Co. Winter 2018 Lookbook

Happy weekend, everyone! I’ve got some serious sleeping to do this weekend, along with a bit of seaming


Waxed plum Field Bag + Anna Vest update

Waxed plum Field Bag + butterscotch Porter Bin + Anna Vest

This was me last month, wearing the original Anna Vest and knitting the new Anna Vest while “modeling” for today’s debut of the waxed plum Field Bag! Can you even take your eyes off how gorgeous this all is — and especially that plum Field and butterscotch Porter situation? This is officially my new favorite color combo.

I can finally tell you this story: I’d been having a hard time deciding on a color for the new vest, and then I discovered that my friends at Kelbourne Woolens’ newest yarn, Germantown, came in a color that’s a perfect match for the Field Bag that was in production at the time. That felt like fate to me, and I couldn’t wait to see them together. (I do love a matching Field Bag and WIP situation!) The waxed plum Field Bag is available today at Fringe Supply Co. and at our stockists around the globe. The pattern, however, needs a few more days. I did finish the vest and we shot it on Monday, but the pattern itself is not quite finished, so look for that next week!

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to pull together a Weekend Reads list for Slow Fashion October this week — too many plates spinning, for real — but I’ll hope to share stuff on @slowfashionoctober over the weekend, so keep an eye on that. And I’ll aim for a mega list for next weekend. I also shared a peek into my actual, physical closet on IG this week and am hoping to start the clean-out challenge this weekend (if I get the vest pattern done, lol) — I’d love to see yours, too! Or hear how it’s going if you’ve already started.

Happy weekend! Thank you for spending part of your week here—


Photos by Hannah Messinger for Fringe Supply Co.

Black-and-natural is the new black!

Black-and-natural is the new black!

Someone asked me in an interview awhile back what my favorite color is, and I responded “black-and-natural.” (Pretty sure I was knitting my striped sweater at the time.) It’s the ultimate marriage of opposites, an alchemy beyond color! Lol, but seriously: the best. Given how much you all love our natural leather tool pouch, I had a little batch made up in black, and when it arrived I immediately started pulling down all the black-and-natural things from the shelves around here, drooling over how beautiful they are! So we took some photos to share along with the release of the new black pouch. Please note that this is a limited batch of the black, but the idea is to find out if you think we should make more. So if it sells out, never fear: We’ll have our answer!

Clockwise from the top:
Black leather tool pouch
Black leather stitch marker pouch w/markers
Lykke interchangeable needles
OUR Yarn in chunky toffee / black
Woollelujah! tote bag
Putford mini scissor
Etta+Billie skin balm
Fringe pocket notepad
Black Porter Bin 
Lykke straight needles
Fringe canvas drawstring bag
Fringe memo book
Fringe canvas tool pouch
Bonsai-style scissors
Jen Hewett “Hank” Field Bag

Whatever color your knitting, your tools, your bag, I hope you get to spend some quality time with them this weekend! I’ll be back next week with my finished aran-gansey and lots of other fun stuff!