Slow Fashion Citizen: Tom Van Deijnen

BY KATRINA RODABAUGH | It’s a true honor to share this interview with today’s Slow Fashion Citizen, Tom Van Deijnen otherwise known as Tom of Holland (and @tomofholland). Tom is a crafter, knitter and teacher based in Brighton, England, and he is also one of my Slow Fashion heroes for his work founding The Visible Mending Programme. (That’s right, […]

Gridjunky, I think I love you

So last night, after a lovely warm weekend away from my computer, I’m sitting on my couch, surfing the web, wondering what this morning’s blog post might be. And suddenly I have an email from Meg about Jerome Sevilla, aka Gridjunky, who buys mass-market sweaters second-hand, unravels them, and knits them into mathematically fascinating hats. […]