Slow Fashion Citizen: Jerome Sevilla

BY KATRINA RODABAUGH // Today I’m thrilled to share the work of Slow Fashion Citizen Jerome Sevilla of Gridjunky. I’ve been following Jerome on Instagram for several years, and while his craftsmanship, choice of colors and fibers, and his designer’s approach to textiles make him one of my favorite creatives to watch, it’s his use […]

Slow Fashion Citizen: Tom Van Deijnen

BY KATRINA RODABAUGH | It’s a true honor to share this interview with today’s Slow Fashion Citizen, Tom Van Deijnen otherwise known as Tom of Holland (and @tomofholland). Tom is a crafter, knitter and teacher based in Brighton, England, and he is also one of my Slow Fashion heroes for his work founding The Visible Mending Programme. (That’s right, […]

Gridjunky, I think I love you

So last night, after a lovely warm weekend away from my computer, I’m sitting on my couch, surfing the web, wondering what this morning’s blog post might be. And suddenly I have an email from Meg about Jerome Sevilla, aka Gridjunky, who buys mass-market sweaters second-hand, unravels them, and knits them into mathematically fascinating hats. […]