Elsewhere: Sheep, avocado pink, and the unending cleverness of makers

Elsewhere: Sheep, avocado pink, and the unending cleverness of makers

I have an epic stack of links for you this round, so we better get started!

— Please read this one when you have time to sit with it: Navajo shepherds cling to centuries-old tradition in a land where it refuses to rain (thx, Katherine)

— And this: Physicists are decoding math-y secrets of knitting to make bespoke materials (thx, Martha)

— Are you doing the spring 10×10 challenge? This one is co-hosted by @selltradeslowfashion and @buyfrombipoc, hence the extra long hashtag. I’m sitting it out as usual (except the one time) but always love poring over the feed

— Seen Renée Gouin’s Women in Clothes (via @ebonyh) and Liisa Hietanen’s crochet humans? (thx, DG)

— Used Ravelry’s Road Trip Planner?

— “He has the gentle, attentive touch of someone washing a baby. Only with sharp metal blades.” (photo above right)

Ode to avocado pink (photo above left)

Immigrant Yarn Project looks amazing (thx, Carolyn)

— I’m loving all the offers of help for BIPOC trying to break into the industry, like this and this and this — if you’re aware of others, please link them in the comments!

— I’m a little obsessed with all the patchwork #wikstenhaori jackets, such as Edina’s and Arianna’s

— Amy Palmer’s amazing Captain Marvel sweater

This video of screenprinters in India adding layers of color to yardage

— This sentence: “She knows love is often a few rows short of perfection but keeps you warm anyway.”

— and this miniature style muse

If you haven’t seen all the great responses on Wednesday’s Q for You — or haven’t weighed in — don’t miss that, either.

Happy weekend, everyone!

IN SHOP NEWS: For the first time this year, I think, we’ve got all three colors of the Town Bag in stock, all three colors of the waxed canvas Field Bag (camo! plum!) and all four colors of the plain canvas Field Bag. (Although very few of some, so use that Notify Me button if you run into it!)



6 thoughts on “Elsewhere: Sheep, avocado pink, and the unending cleverness of makers

  1. Is there some way we, in the knitting community can get funds to the Navajo shepherds so they can feed their flocks? I don’t know how to set up a Go Fund Me (and this should be coordinated with the shepherds) and I’m barely on social media to begin with, but I certainly would like to help.

  2. The Indian screen printing is new to me, but I have seen the progressive block printing in India. I have a few garments that reflect the beauty of handmade…slightly misaligned. To get creative with the post you linked…a bit shy of perfection but exquisite anyway.

    I hope you get to see some artisans at work when you go to India. The textile traditions are truly amazing.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen lots of videos of block printers at work, and find it mesmerizing and amazing, but hadn’t seen this process in action before. I do get meet artisans when I’m there! That’s the part I’m most excited about.

  3. Loved the video of the block printers at work. Love Avocado pink! And found lots of new people to follow – thank you!

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