Black-and-natural is the new black!

Black-and-natural is the new black!

Someone asked me in an interview awhile back what my favorite color is, and I responded “black-and-natural.” (Pretty sure I was knitting my striped sweater at the time.) It’s the ultimate marriage of opposites, an alchemy beyond color! Lol, but seriously: the best. Given how much you all love our natural leather tool pouch, I had a little batch made up in black, and when it arrived I immediately started pulling down all the black-and-natural things from the shelves around here, drooling over how beautiful they are! So we took some photos to share along with the release of the new black pouch. Please note that this is a limited batch of the black, but the idea is to find out if you think we should make more. So if it sells out, never fear: We’ll have our answer!

Clockwise from the top:
Black leather tool pouch
Black leather stitch marker pouch w/markers
Lykke interchangeable needles
OUR Yarn in chunky toffee / black
Woollelujah! tote bag
Putford mini scissor
Etta+Billie skin balm
Fringe pocket notepad
Black Porter Bin 
Lykke straight needles
Fringe canvas drawstring bag
Fringe memo book
Fringe canvas tool pouch
Bonsai-style scissors
Jen Hewett “Hank” Field Bag

Whatever color your knitting, your tools, your bag, I hope you get to spend some quality time with them this weekend! I’ll be back next week with my finished aran-gansey and lots of other fun stuff!




5 thoughts on “Black-and-natural is the new black!

  1. Black and natural also my faves, and this collection of photos is very pleasing to my eyes. However, my first Porter Bin arrived yesterday in gold, and it’s gorgeous! Your color sense is impeccable.


  2. I am not a fan of black sadly, possibly because it makes me look ill when i wear it. But Natural with bitter dark chocolate or maybe a good Charcoal Grey and I am there.


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