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Happy Friday, my friends — I’ve got some good clicking and reading for you below. But first: I’ve done a few interviews this year and they’ve all made it into the world at almost the same time! Knitscene interviewed me about slow fashion and Slow Fashion October, and that appears in the Fall 2018 issue on stands now (pictured above, along with our new drawstring bag), but there is an unabbreviated version on their website if you want to read the whole thing. Next, Amy from Newtown House interviewed me for their blog about this blog and SoB and why I post my wardrobe on the Internet, among other things! And in the audio realm, I got to talk with Amy Small on her Collage Creative Podcast about Fringe Supply Co. and my business worldview. Two things I get asked most often these days are how I feel about all the Field Bag knockoffs out there and how I organize my time, and with Amy I talked in more detail about those two things than I ever have publicly.

As far as links that are not about me! I offer the following:

Why it’s so important to fill your own cup (trying to learn this myself, only substitute “blog and business” for “children” and “knitting/sewing” for “eggs”)

NBD, just a little Yeats poem embroidered across a handmade top

Great save, Devon

Why weight matters when substituting yarns (And more yarny uses for your kitchen scale)

On summer, linen, and black dapperness

On the little-known Santa Cruz Sheep breed and how “livestock, properly managed, can be a tool for land improvement”

This whole Team Blanket initiative

How the trade war is hurting those already struggling to rebuild the American denim industry (thx, Danielle)

Epic car cozy

– annnnd shopping goals

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the enthusiasm over the Late Summer lookbook and the new goods that came with it: the butterscotch Porter Bin, the waxed natural Field Bag and the new little drawstring bag!

I hope you have a restorative weekend! Tell me what you’re working on—



29 thoughts on “Elsewhere

    • As a non-embroiderer, I’m blown away by it as an undertaking. But it’s also just so subtle and beautiful. Like I would have looked at that top and not even realized they were words.

  1. I am on my third Weekender top and Devon’s color is not only spectacular(fall and all) but back looks perfectly natural:)

    • Now that I’ve read a bit, I have to say –

      “That I know anything about Kellie Pickler or The View?” Ha!! I was definitely surprised when I read that earlier in the interview.

      You do come across as complex, Karen. It’s clear that you “get it” in that broad on the ball, person who thinks a lot, kind of way.

      Apologies for not being particularly articulate. I am poorly rested – I need to re-read Felicia’s post perhaps :)

      • It’s funny to me that I used to be able to work with the TV on the in the background in the mornings, when I was doing the rote part of my daily work (from home, alone). Now I need to be able to think all the time!

  2. Great MDK article about Grist. Now someone needs to write an article about the McMorran balance. One of my all-time favorite possessions, I guard it with my life!

  3. I hope to finish my Casco Bay cardi this weekend and make a 4th Willow tank…knitting and sewing…the best…I have a very supportive husband who cooks for us and walks the dog…lol…I get lots of time for making…

  4. I’m working on the left front panel of an Anna vest in O-Wool Balance for my grandfather. He turns 98 on Monday!

  5. “Tell me what you’re working on”

    I’m trying like h-e-double hockey sticks to finish my three SoB makes by the end of the month, so with the exception of assembling some furniture for a grandson who won’t stop growing out of things (like beds), I will be doing something stitchy and SoB related all weekend.

  6. This is a super elsewhere for me, wow! I am now getting lost into the craft sessions rabbit hole which is delightful.

  7. Enjoying your interview with Amy on the Creative Collage podcast — such a great conversation! As a proud owner of a Field Bag I have to wonder what that first iteration looked like and how it was different from the one we know and love now. Was it a noticeable difference?

  8. Please note that the name of the great Irish poet William Butler Yeats is pronounced but NOT spelled ‘Yates.’

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