The basting stitch lives!

The basting stitch lives!

I recently saw Bristol Ivy saying on Instagram that she had incorporated my “basting stitch” idea into a sweater she had made for herself (among other fascinating mods detailed in her caption). Bristol is one of the more fascinating engineering brains of the knitting world, so for her to try (and like) my little trick felt like quite the endorsement, not gonna lie. I know from traffic and comments, and so on, that this post continues to draw in a lot of people, and there are now even sweater patterns out in the world that employ the idea. So for those who maybe haven’t seen it, today I want to point you the post where I first detailed why I had the urge to seam a seamless knit, and how I went about it: Basted knitting: Or, How (and why) to seam a seamless sweater.


7 thoughts on “The basting stitch lives!

  1. I just wrote about my #summerofbasics sweater on Instagram. It’s a set-in sleeve design from Brooklyn Tweed and I’m thinking about using this exact stitch (instead of steeking and seaming – unsure of the fit across the shoulders).
    Didn’t remember that it was here I’d read about it. :)


  2. I am knitting a sweater by Purl Soho that is knit all one piece. As I am laboring through the sleeves, knitting in the round with the whole body of the sweater dangling off the growing sleeve, I put a note in the instructions: next time knit the sleeves flat and seam them! Much easier and faster.

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  3. Thank you for posting this. I’m not a sewer and only knit seamless garments because I’m so bad at seaming. But I appreciate how seams add stability to sweaters and now I’m thinking, yes, I can handle this basting stitch!


  4. I used basting on raglan increases and sides of a Lila light sweater and the fit is holding up so well more than a year later. Will definitely incorporate in other sweaters.


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