New Favorites: Dianna’s dream sweaters

New Favorites: Dianna's dream sweaters

It’s always fun to see a designer really hit their stride, which is how I feel about my friend Dianna Walla’s recently released mini-collection, Fog & Frost. It’s five pieces that feel completely true to Dianna, and while I love the hat and the mitts, I can’t stop looking at the sweaters! They’ve got me fantasizing about sweater weather in the thick of TN summer—

TOP: Mountain Hum is a fitted colorwork yoke sweater with a slight vintage vibe, which makes stunning use of a gradient yarn in a large-scale feather-like motif

BOTTOM: Polar Night is its sweet, slouchy cousin, with a hybrid raglan-circular yoke bearing a more understated stranded design


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6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Dianna’s dream sweaters

  1. I hope to make Polar Night. I have made two of Dianna’s Moon Pulls. I love the loose fit. I just finished Birch by Pam Allen and I have never been so happy to find a fast knitted fair isle with a wonderful “sweatshirt” fit.


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