New Favorites: Summer stripes

New Favorites: Summer stripes

The Summer issue of Pom Pom is all about stripes, and it’s astonishing how many distinctly different ways the designers have managed to deploy them, even though the majority of the patterns are simple little summer sweaters! My favorite details among them:

TOP: Anna Maltz’s swingy little Tarmac tank with it’s striped edging!

MIDDLE LEFT: Tina Tse’s simple little Deauville with it’s perpendicularly striped hem

MIDDLE RIGHT: Gina Rockenwagner’s deft plaid Anni

BOTTOM: Amy Christoffer’s log-cabin inspired Riley (I am obsessed with this photo!)

BELOW: And the cross-hatching on Julie Knits in Paris’s Vasarely wrap

New Favorites: Summer stripes

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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Summer stripes

  1. My love hate with Pom Pom is that I always want to knit everything but can’t and then the next issue comes out and again I want to knit everything. This one is a particularly awesome issue since I’m all about my cotton blend yarns for summer. I want to knit everything!

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  2. I’m not big on classic stripes but these are cute, especially the Tarmac. On all of these sweaters, I wish they had made a sample that better fit the lovely model–they all look too big to me.


  3. Just bought this at one of my LYS and loved everything in it. Maybe something will make its way into my Summer of Basics line-up?


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