Summer ’18 wardrobe: Closet inventory

Summer ’18 wardrobe: Closet inventory

Across the top row of this grid are what I’m calling the fixer-uppers: four pieces that need a bit of work before they can actually factor into my summer wardrobe. But I’m including them here in my summer closet edit anyway, as motivation to get it done:

– The tuxedo-pleated and ruffled cotton top is a garment I think of as a summer closet necessity. I always and forever love a sweet eyelet or ruffled white top (such as the one seen yesterday), paired with camo or faded jeans or beat-up khakis. I’ve been missing this element the past few years because I have this one, from J.Crew many years ago, which hasn’t been wearable for a while but I haven’t managed to replace. So I’ll be making that a priority and using this one as a stand-in when it comes to making outfit projections tomorrow. This one needs a dye job if it’s to continue on, so that’s two priorities in one photo: dye this one and make its white ruffled replacement.

– The (formerly) white linen shell is the one that got in with the blue load of laundry and now needs to be dyed a more decisive blue.

– The unfinished Clyde Jacket was a sample-sale score late last year, and I need to carve out and finish off some nice deep armholes to make it a super-funtional smock-vest.

– The jeans. They’re too thin to patch and too dear to let go, so I’ve got them on the waitlist with Indigo Proof! I’m hoping Rain can shore them up sufficiently, and hoping to have them back before the summer is over.

As those are fixed, they’ll join these ranks:


Camisoles in green, indigo and black ikat
Meg-made sweater tee
Sweatshirt vest
– Linen muscle tee (Everlane 2017, available again at the moment)
Sleeveless tee in striped hemp jersey and black hemp jersey
Blue-striped shell (also: black silk gauze version)
– Dotted chambray tunic (Endless Summer, made by a friend)
Blue striped Fen top
Plaid top
Black chambray top
Chambray button-up
– Tobacco linen tunic (Nade 2016, no longer available)


– Denim vest (J.Crew, ancient)
Black Anna vest
– Smock x 3 (State Smocks, upcycled, available on repeat — mine are all from 2017)

Also my beloved old trench-style vest (J.Crew c. 2010) seen here.


Canvas wide-legs
Recycled denim wide-legs
– Clay wide-legs (Elizabeth Suzann Clyde Culotte, made in Nashville, sample sale 2017)
Camo wide-legs
Denim wide-legs
– B/w palazzos (Ace&Jig 2017, no longer available)
– Chinos (J.Crew 2015/16, no longer available)
– Linen palazzos (Elizabeth Suzann Florence, made in Nashville, sample/modified 2017)
– natural denim jeans (Imogene+Willie, 2016, made in LA, no longer available)
– dark cropped jeans (J.Crew Point Sur, 2016, made in LA, no longer available)

I’ve pulled out those old J.Crew chinos again, gonna give ’em another go, and I’ve got the b/w Ace&Jig pants in here but I think I may be selling them. They’re just a little too big, and combined with how gauzy/flowy they are, it’s a bit much for me.


Whoops, no, not factoring in any dresses right now. While I’m sure I’ll wear some of them — especially when we get into the thick of the summer soup — they’re not just key players for me, so I figure I might as well not fool myself about it.


– Sneakers (Veja Wata, brand new!)
– Faux-snake flats (J.Crew 2017, made in Italy, no longer available)
– Tan flats (Solid State Studios, 2017, handmade in LA, custom order)
– Black huaraches (Nisolo Ecuador, 2017, responsibly made in their own factory)
– Tan sandals (J.Crew, c. 2009)
– Black sandals (Jane Sews, 2016, no longer available)
– Black patent flat clogs (No.6 Alexis, made in US, brand new!)

Of the 34 garments pictured, I’ve made 17 over the past five years (that’s half! plus one linked but not pictured); 2 were made for me by friends; 4 were made locally; 2 were made in LA; 3 are upcycled/refashions; 1 is from eminently transparent Ace&Jig; 1 is from Everlane, who swear they only uses the good factories so, y’know, fingers crossed; and 3 of the remaining four are from more than 5 years ago (the other one being a couple-few years old). Like I keep saying: It’s a slow process, building up a slow closet, but this is proof that if you keep at it over the course of a few years, it can be done!

All that aside, check out this lineup alongside yesterday’s mood board. How in-the-zone am I?

Summer ’18 wardrobe: Closet inventory

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32 thoughts on “Summer ’18 wardrobe: Closet inventory

  1. I don’t think I would give up on the white linen shell. Have you tried OxiClean?

    • It will be lovely with a nice light indigo dip to enhance the dingy blueness, and it was starting to get discolored anyway. So time for a replacement and a save — all good.

  2. Looks like a great wardrobe of gentle neutrals that will work together. How about a single top in a more intense color like a rusty coral pink? Or maybe a deep gold?

    • I tend to save bold color for pants — raspberry pink chinos and bright yellow ones are two of my favorites from the past — but since I’m really good on pants right now, I am contemplating the possibility of color on top. Starting with hopefully dyeing that first top yellow, as noted.

  3. Question about camisoles that has been on my mind. I love the look, but what does one wear underneath? Particularly if braless is not an option.

    • I almost always wear them under something else, but I don’t mind a visible bra strap either if it’s sort of a funky complement to the outfit. But I’m on the brink of trying one of these new strapless bras everyone swears are actually wearable. I’m small-chested and could get away with nothing underneath if I really wanted, but it just feels too bare for me.

      • Ooh, sounds like this is worth reinvestigating. So far the ones I’ve tried shift a lot and there’s bulging in all the wrong places.

  4. Oh my god, Indigo Proof is a denim WITCH! I can’t believe some of those photos. Amazing.

    • It’s truly stunning. It feels a little funny to spend more on them than they cost in the first place, but I want them to live on, and they can’t really be replaced, so I’m happy to be able to do it!

      • I live in Portland and she allows for local drop-offs. Perhaps you can mail them to me and I’d be happy to take them there-looks like she accepts Tue. Thur and Friday. She found her niche!

  5. I got an email from@shoplamercerie and they have a beautiful white eyelit fabric and suggestions on tops to make.

  6. How are your Veja shoes? Did you figure out a way to try them on in person or did you just take your best guess and order them? I’m so curious to try them but between shipping and customs duties, I’ve held off.

    • There’s a local boutique that carries them so I didn’t have to worry about any of that, fortunately. (And I even got them on sale!) But they fit like a dream. I totally love them.

    • Check out Garmentory! It’s like seeing stock at all the cute boutiques across the US and Canada, and many have different styles of Vejas with free shipping.

    • Jumping in here to say that I took a chance and ordered a pair of Wata’s from Net-A Porter and, after a day or two of breaking in, they fit great! So if you don’t have the opportunity to try them on, don’t give up on them!

  7. Whether we share the same tastes (in that case we do for most) or the same body type (in that case we don’t!), I do love those peeks into your wardrobe planning ! It is so interesting to see how each one deals with clothing, the reflections around it, about how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen, about what getting dressed means to us. Moreover I love following your process, starting with how you feel, then what you already have, and then finding what you need. So very instructive and inspiring. So I think I wrote it already, but thanks for sharing !
    PS : you’re right, I think you need some red shoes !

  8. I am looking to fill a summer sandal hole and I love yours. I can’t see a description for the last pair, though.

    • Oh, whoops — looks like I quit before I was done! They’re just Saltwater sandals, bought for our Bahamas boat trip a couple years ago, and they’ve become my alternative to flip-flops since they’re basically bombproof.

  9. Lovely!! My goal… am determined to get there!!! Thank you for all your inspiration.

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