Summer ’18 wardrobe: Mood and color

Summer '18 wardrobe: Mood and inventory

I started to make a Summer ’18 mood board at Pinterest the other day and realized that my ruling mood board right now (and always) is my All things lovely board, formed over the past nearly-ten years and really the inner me in Pinterest-board form. I want to listen to that more, and it’s telling me a LOT about myself right now, so for today I made the mini mashup mood board above, pulling from the two. Here’s what it says to me about how I want to dress this summer: breezy, light and loose, as usual; and in my normal palette range of watery blue/greens mixed with b/w, indigo, navy, russet-y pale browntones, and a little bit of stripe or pattern here and there. But it also tells me I’m craving some hits of stronger color. I’m particular feeling the red-orange and pinkish-red bits and want to work in a pop of that somehow, along with a spot of yellow. (This yellow top of Jaime’s is killing me.) An unexpected red shoe was my favorite styling trick of the late ’90s and early aughts, so with all of the above, I’m a little obsessed with these Everlane slides right now and might be acquiring them soon. I might also need to think about a pair of statement shades. ;)

All of this will influence my plans for Summer of Basics, coming up on June 1. But meanwhile, it’s making me feel pretty dang good about the state of my summer closet!

I’m genuinely excited about this summer, you guys. My first summer in Nashville, Fringe Supply HQ was in a windowless, airless, ventless, death trap of a room, and I dressed accordingly: tank tops, shorts, sandals and sweat. Then for the past three summers (as you’ve heard me drone on about), our little warehouse was meat-locker cold, to the point that I often had to leave by mid-afternoon to work somewhere I could recover the feeling in my fingers and the normal flow of blood in my brain. THIS SUMMER! This summer we have control of our own climate, and I can actually dress for summer — can enjoy the sleeveless clothes I love so much without worrying about bringing my wool coat to work with me, as I did last year. It’s so liberating, I don’t even have words to describe it! So tomorrow I’ll show you the roundup of my summer clothes that tie into the vibe above so nicely.


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  1. I’m checking out those Everlane shoes now; I’ve had to come to terms that the one pair of flats that should be my go-to actually hurt my feet and aren’t ever going to change (sounds like a bad relationship). One of the things that I love about being engaged with slow fashion is that it’s a dynamic engagement – I feel like I’m constantly refining what I want to wear and how I want to be seen.

  2. Me too – always had a weakness for colorful shoes. My daughter thinks I’m nuts.

    • Shoes are the funnest part — and should be! In my view. I sometimes wish I had a catalog of all the weird and wonderful shoes I’ve owned in my life, from the pale pink oxfords to the teal corduroy sneakers to the cowboy shoes (remember those) and so many others. It’s weird how many black shoes I own lately, not at all the norm for me.

  3. Oooh, so many lovely ideas. And those sweet Everlanes! That dusty pale pink shade has my heart. Oh, and the arch support makes them work the $$ for sure. Kind of like a glamorous version of Birkenstocks (which I live in from May thru September).

    • I was going to suggest you consider Birkenstocks too. They are so good for posture ( so says my physio) and they last forever – I have a pair from 2006 ( the year of my back injury when I very reluctantly purchased them, thinking them ugly but a compromise that my physio and I could both live with) still going strong. And I live in a climate where they are worn 9 months of the year.

      • I do have a pair of Birkenstocks — black Arizonas at present. To me, having a pair of Birks in the closet is like having a pair of flip-flops and a pair of sneakers. They just have to be in there! I’ve had a pair consistently since the 90s, but that probably only amounts to three or four different pair, they last so long.

  4. I am finally wearing my denim wide leg crops with 3” hem (I so liked your wide hems in yesterday’s blog) with a Soiree I knitted last summer. Speaking of Jaime’s yellow-I thought Amal Clooney’s yellowy dress was better than any dress in the Royal Wedding photos.

  5. Wasn’t it you who got in trouble once for saying you hated red? Glad to see you coming around because a bit of it would look wonderful with your neutral palette. And reds, pinks and oranges are ALL OVER THE PLACE in the art world right now. I myself, have infused it heavily into my current studio work. Can hardly believe it, because though I’ve always liked it as an accent color in my wardrobe, my painting palette more often leaned to dark, rich blues. I partly credit this orange/red/pink thing to the Pussyhat movement.

    • I’m not tuned into the art world, but the dusty pinks (“Millenial pink” as it’s often called) and clay reds and terra cottas and such have been all the rage in fashion and interiors for several years now. I’m always a fan of just the right shade of pink or magenta, especially when they’re off trend!, but still can’t do pure red. (’80s red, as I think of it.)

      • It’s always fascinating how colors trend. The fashion world, interior design and the art world, are all in sync on that front. Sometimes one leads, sometimes the other, but there isn’t a lot of separation.

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