Idea Log: Marlisle pullover

Idea Log: Marlisle-inspired pullover

As I’m knitting this heather-grey sleeveless sweater vest thingy, and temps are hovering blissfully in the 50s and 60s, I have a conversation with myself every single day about whether I should put sleeves on it. It’s beyond well-established that a cotton-blend, grey, everyday pullover is a garment my closet would benefit from tremendously. But I really want the sleeveless thing! So the conversation ends each day with me reminding other me about this other pullover I mean to knit, sketched up top.

It’s been in my head since the day I got my hands on Anna Maltz’s brilliant Marlisle book, and it’s sort of a cross between the adorable hat pictured above (Hozkwoz) and a beloved 10-yr-old J.Crew cardigan I auctioned off last October, pictured last above. That cardigan was an all-time favorite of mine — a tiny fair isle pattern used float-side-out, with a 3- or 4-stitch wide stripe at the seams, forming strong style lines. So what I’m planning here is a simple raglan marl pullover using non-marl stripes at the raglans, side seams and running down the sleeves, similar in many ways to Anna’s Humboldt sweater, now that I think about it. And perhaps the fabric will be akin to my grey marl, but this time predominantly ivory with light grey for the marl?

This is almost certainly one of my Summer of Basics garments this time around.


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11 thoughts on “Idea Log: Marlisle pullover

  1. I love the idea of the raglan being a different color, plus the arm stripe. Will you just make a stripe of color or will it be a different thickness?


  2. I am knitting Humboldt right now and purchased the Marlisle book from you; I love your idea! Hope to see what you do and might just do something similar!

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  3. I m knitting the Humboldt right now and I will be keeping a weather eye on what you are doing, I have always loved marl or fleck or anything heathered.
    Enjoying your blog, such a treasure trove of information.

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