Spring ’18 wardrobe planning: Mood and strategy

Spring ’18 wardrobe planning: Mood and strategy

In really starting to think about dressing myself for Spring — or the most important part: what I get to make! — I of course started a spring 2018 mood board at Pinterest, and thought it’d be a good idea to go back through last year’s spring planning posts … but alas, there are none! We skipped over spring last year, and so did my planning. But it looks like I had all the right ideas and attitudes in my summer strategy, even though my plans were largely foiled. This year, I don’t have to worry about being frozen at work (we have control of the themostat now!) but I also don’t want to get ahead of myself. It seems like we may be in for a nice long spring, so I’m thinking in terms of winter-into-spring right now, more than spring-into-summer. Knock wood knock wood knock wood.

So what does this season’s pinboard tell me:

As always, I’m in the mood for all the blues and greens, especially the lighter ones, piled onto a foundation of whites and off-whites, khaki/camel/caramel, heathery greys, denim, navy and black. But I’m also longing for a hit of yellow and maybe even a spot of pinkish-red. I used to have a killer pair of men’s chinos in vivid yellow, which works better for me than yellow near my face, so I’m pondering that at the moment. But mostly keeping with my usual palette and thus, happily, my existing fabric and yarn stash. If I buy any fabric at all, let it be for the sake of color.

And I’m still in the mood for loose, easy shapes — floaty tops or soft tees with loose pants, worn with a shirt, jacket or tunic-as-jacket. Not reflected here, though, is what a big vest mood I’m in — from my State Smocks to my sleeveless Clyde to my assorted sweater vests. It’s interesting to me how many of the same images make it back onto my mood boards season after season, which I think is fantastic and as it should be — each season is a slight evolution, not a tearing up and discarding of what I wanted the season or the year before.

Apart from that, I’ll be following much of the logic expressed in last summer’s plan as I start to think about what pieces I’ll be moving to the center of the closet, what I’ll be making to augment that, and how I put it all together into outfits. More to come!

Fashionary sketch panels from Fringe Supply Co.


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14 thoughts on “Spring ’18 wardrobe planning: Mood and strategy

  1. Ah, I got my mind on my closet and my closet on my mind. The same is true here. After reading a post on Cal Patch’s blog about Make Nine, I’ve thrown my hat into the ring; however, I’m hedging my bets or my makes on another #summerofbasics. Last year was a disaster for me (as far as that was concerned). I’ve got most of my nine planned out although they will not be the only things I make (hopefully) this year. I’m awaiting a swatch of yellow, possibly for the Lander pant…


  2. Thanks for sharing your logic and choices–very helpful! I’m looking at short-over-long-over-lean silhouettes for spring and contemplating how to lighten up my black and gray wardrobe.

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  3. All I know for sure about my warm weather making is that I’ll sew a Tendril dress (A Verb For Keeping Warm), knit the Notched Hem Tank (Purl Soho), and sew a couple of Chai Tees (Liesl + Co).

    I feel like I should be planning more than those garments–maybe a Kelly Anorak (Closet Case Patterns)–but I don’t want to set bigger goals than I will realistically achieve.


  4. Joseph Resort 2017 Fashion Show. This is the kind of ‘fashion’ that suddenly renders it all meaningless.
    (Apologies for early morning snarkiness; but honestly …!)


  5. Ah, well lots of things I like on the top half of the page, and some I didn’t on the bottom…Thank goodness we are not an army and all have to wear the same outfits in one color…Still not a fan of shorty pants or the huge baggy ones….(dust catchers..and I can imagine the cat swinging off of a leg as I walk through the house)….Looks like it will be a lovely spring at your studio!


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