New Favorites: Textured mitts

New Favorites: Textured mitts

In looking through all the fingerless glove patterns I’ve made note of lately, and zeroing in on these faves among faves of the textured variety, I noticed three of the four have a proportion in common that I love — slightly longer than usual at both ends, for a healthy amount of coverage and extra cozy appearance. The fourth pair goes even farther! And yet I love the variation in forms of knitting these represent—

TOP: Heyworth by Melissa Schaschwary have a simple allover knits-and-purls texture

SECOND: Valley of the Moon Mitts by Shannon Cook features a large-scale lace repeat surrounded by reverse stockinette

BOTTOM LEFT: Gren by Olga Buraya-Kefelian uses traveling brioche to great graphic effect

BOTTOM RIGHT: Tredje by Irina Anikeeva appear to be quite simple longer gloves with single rib columns set against reverse stockinette, but there’s a surprise twist of cables on in the inner wrist


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12 thoughts on “New Favorites: Textured mitts

  1. Love Gren! And I’m with you on the more coverage thing… something so enticing to me right now about mitts that go past the knuckle and well past the wrist bone. The long line! Those elegant fingertips!


  2. Yes! Mitts are the new take-along purse knitting project!! So many patterns to dream up, so many colors to choose from, so many lengths to choose from. Let’s hear it for mitts!!

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  3. I love knitting fingerless mitts but here in Oregon I wear them walking my dogs and still find my hands are cold. Do I need thicker wool or is it just me?:)


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