New Favorites: Colorwork mitts

New Favorites: Colorwork mitts

Not that I want to distract you (or me!) from your Log Cabin Mitts plans ;) but there have been so many amazing fingerless gloves patterns published in recent months that I’ve decided to break them into small groups! Today, let’s talk about these colorwork gems—

TOP: Pinwheel Mitts by Ella Austin is small-scale allover stranded colorwork, used to magnificent effect on long gloves

MIDDLE: Frost Flowers by Dianna Walla involves just a little bit of worsted-scale colorwork around the hand, combined with generous ribbing and an afterthought thumb

BOTTOM: New Year’s Mitts by Veronika Jobe features beautiful use of a mosaic stitch pattern (no stranding or intarsia) blending a solid neutral with a variegated yarn and gorgeous shaping


Unrelated shop news — or, related in the sense of containing many great patterns, including some excellent mittens — the big beautiful book Woods is back in stock. And Lykke Driftwood crochet hooks are now available individually!


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: Colorwork mitts

  1. Love all the stranded fingerless mitts that have been coming out lately. Prefer mine to fit snugly, like in the photo of Frost Flowers, so as not to get in the way of doing things. Now that I no longer work in a freezing third floor library, I don’t need fingerless mitts for indoor wear, but I do love to wear them when grocery shopping. They keep my hands from touching the frozen cart handles whilst leaving my fingers free to handle produce.

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  2. Dianna’s lovely Frost Flowers remind me a bit of her Moon Pulls-which I’ve made and love wearing.
    Thank you again Karen for yet more great items I’d probably miss.

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  3. I was admiring a couple of pairs of those Pinwheel Mitts at knit night yesterday. They really are gorgeous! I have some tweed yarn in my stash that I think would work nicely…


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