New Favorites: Two-way hats

New Favorites: Two-way hats

I remember as a kid in the midwest, heading out into the snow to play, wearing a beanie that was lined — i.e., a double layer — so you could wear it either side out and fold up the brim so the inside was showing. I hated that hat. It was itchy and shifty, due to the layers, but warm, due to the layers. I hadn’t thought about that hat until seeing the hat pattern above, which I fell instantly in love with, and shortly thereafter came the one below. And now I’m obsessed with them both.

ABOVE: Reversible Rib Hat by Natsumi Kuge is contrasting colors that meet in the middle for a two-tone, ribbed, fold-up band that’s the same either direction

BELOW: Femte by Sari Nordlund is contrasting textures! I couldn’t love it more than I do. Absolutely stunning.

New Favorites: Two-way hats

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16 thoughts on “New Favorites: Two-way hats

  1. I love these so much. I’m making a hat with a similar concept but just 1×1 ribbing in one color right now for my daughter, and I’ll be honest it’s boring me to tears. I wonder if I could get her to agree to a different pattern.

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  2. Love both of these, though I think I’d want the contrast brim deeper if I were making my own Reversible Rib Hat. Femte, made out of Woolfolk yarn, would be about as far as you can get from the itchy hat of your childhood memories! So yummy.


  3. This is so cool! I grew up in the midwest, too, but I don’t remember ever having seen anything like this. I’m a beginner knitter, but I think I can get these figured out.
    Thanks for your blog – I enjoy it so much!


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