Slotober Swap Meet

Slotober Swap Meet

So we had a nice chat about whether there’s a way to organize a mega clothing swap as part of Slow Fashion October, and I don’t have any concrete ideas as far as in-person events. But I do have some things (handknits and RTW) that need happy new homes, and I’ve decided to go ahead and post them on Instagram and make it a fundraiser for hurricane relief in the near term. I’ll be covering all of the postage as part of my donation, so it will be included in the “price,” but I will limit it to US shipping addresses. Each garment will have slightly different terms — for some of the store-bought stuff, it might just be “price is a donation in $x amount” whereas at least some of the handknits will be an auction scenario to try to raise more money. Funds will be directed to Unidos por Puerto Rico and potentially other organizations along the way. I’ve set up a separate account @kt_clothesswap for this, so keep an eye on that for further developments!

If you are interested in posting garments on Instagram for sale or adoption (or whatever your terms may be!) here are some tips/suggestions/things to consider:

• You might want to set up a separate IG account specifically for your listings and make a single post on your regular feed telling your followers and the #slowfashionoctober crowd where to find it.

• Please use #slotoberswapmeet and NOT #slowfashionoctober for the individual listings, so they aren’t flooding the main conversation feed.

• Post your terms/policies in the profile header, or in each post if they will vary, or in a single post at the start.

• For each garment, state the garment details/size/fabric/condition, your price (or if you’ll consider a swap, or whatever), the shipping fee, and how you want the payment (PayPal, Venmo …).

• Say what country you’re in and whether or not you’re open to shipping internationally.

Anyone who is hosting or aware of or interested in organizing an in-person event or series of events, please do run with it, share below or let me know, and I’m happy to help get the word out!


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