New Favorites: Veronika

New Favorites: Veronika

Last month, Shannon Cook posted a pic on Instagram that made my eyes pop out of my head. It’s basically the shawl-collared-blanket-with-arm-slits of my dreams, and the finished pattern, Veronika, went live yesterday. I’m imagining myself curled up in the corner of the couch someday, wrapped in one of these — oblivious to the godforsaken air vent behind the couch, thanks to the voluminous shawl collar — while knitting another one.

New Favorites: Veronika

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24 thoughts on “New Favorites: Veronika

  1. How DID I miss this? I love it. This is exactly what I need for curling up on the sofa with hot tea and knitting in the winter months. If you decide to start a KAL, I’m in!

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  2. Love this one. I am always complaining about knitting small scarf patterns. What I need is large ones and this fits the bill.


  3. I purchased a RTW “cocoon” (my word for it) very similar to this (minus the shawl collar) and absolutely love it! I also wear it when I’m out and about and receive compliments all the time. I’m ready to cast on for this…do I see a KAL in the fall? It would be perfect timing and so much fun!


  4. Isn’t it just the most fabulous knitted thing ever?! That collar is to simply to die for. I’m planning to make one in my spirit colour, heathery lilac and another in a mid-grey. I can totally see this as my *Forever* Favourite sweater. <3


  5. I hope it is ok to note that Shannon is kindly offering a 15% discount until July 16th with code VERONIKA15. Many comments are saying it was a super fun knit.


  6. Thank you for posting this! It’s the perfect staple for winter and fall and I can think of several yarn options I already have at home so I can start it this weekend.


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