2017 Remake-1 : Black linen slip dress + more camo mending

2017 Remake-1 : Black linen slip dress + more camo mending

Despite my careful planning and copious outfit projections, I’ve actually been struggling a little bit to get dressed so far this summer. For a few reasons: A) I haven’t replaced my ankle boots yet, which dampens my enthusiasm for all the dress-based outfits I want to be wearing. My poor old boots are just way too shabby. B) Many of the outfits in the rundown hinge on garments that are either still WIPs or that need to be mended, refashioned, lengthened or shortened, and thus aren’t actually available to be worn. And C) I really just want to wear my black linen pull-on pants every day, and I do! Yesterday, blessed with a few hours to spend in my sewing room, I decided the best thing I could do with the time was tackle the fix-it pile and get a couple of existing garments back to usefulness. So instead of cutting out the muslin of my Archer for Summer of Basics, as I had planned:

  1. I shortened my black linen slip dress to knee length and added patch pockets (which you can’t actually see in the photo, but I swear they’re there!), and
  2. I mended the 3″ tear in the side of my precious old camo pants.

Which means all of the above and below are now actual wearable outfits:

2017 Remake-1 : Black linen slip dress + more camo mending

2017 Remake-1 : Black linen slip dress + more camo mending

Please excuse the lack of a better (or modeled) dress photo — it was a seriously dark and stormy day. I’ll be sure to include it in a future FO post!

For details on the garments pictured, see my Summer closet inventory. And the more recently added black linen Sloper sweater and white linen shell.

Also, while at Squam I had the pleasure of chatting with Renee of the new-ish East London Knit podcast. Man am I fidgety when you point a camera at me! But if you’re interested, you can watch it here. Thanks again to Renee for inviting me on!


PREVIOUSLY in FOs: The white linen shell






12 thoughts on “2017 Remake-1 : Black linen slip dress + more camo mending

  1. Would you tell me about the sleeveless grey tee? I have looked back at your previous posts and don’t see it mentioned. I like it – the color is wonderful. Thanks!!


  2. I saw your interview with Renee. First of all: you seem to be a little shy, but that makes you look even more friendly, warm and accessible and I think you are a person that thinks a lot about what she’s doing. So don’t worry about! Second: Im absolutely with Renee, your blog is a wonderful source of inspiration and information about so many things, I really love it and you got me into this slowfashion thing! And third: please just go on the way you are!


  3. Oh… how I remember those FAB pants!
    I would love to make a slip dress like that. I am going to sew this week for the first time in ages. Some great new patterns from a local gal. Will send you her info soon.


  4. Hi Karen, I can’t find a pattern or info on your black linen slip dress. I like how it can be layered in different ways. Is there a pattern? Or can you direct me to more info about it?


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