New Favorites: Colorwork plus

New Favorites: Colorwork plus

A variety of conversations and previews and proximity to experts lately has me itching to get some colorwork into my knittin queue, and I’m particularly smitten with these two patterns with just a little spot of something extra:

TOP: Hoopla by Dianna Walla (from the powerhouse new issue of Pom Pom) is a characteristically appealing 2-color job but with the subtle flair of a Latvian braid at the transition from ribbing to stockinette.

BOTTOM: Inlet Scarf by Inese Sang is mosaic, for starters (which I’m still dying to try), but I also really love the simple black border setting the mosaic section apart from the staggered rib texture along both ends — really lovely combination of elements


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11 thoughts on “New Favorites: Colorwork plus

  1. What does the reverse side of the Inlet scarf look like? Is it one-sided?

  2. What a fantastic surprise! I’m so happy and totally smitten that my Inlet Scarf has got your attention! Thank you for the kind words and the mention! I love testing colour and pattern contrasts in my knits and this scarf is my very first indie design, so I poured all my obsession over colour and pattern in it!

  3. You’re going to love mosaic knitting. I discovered it last year and felt very smart when it was easy enough to master that I could share the technique with my knitting guild. I love that scarf.

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