New Favorites: Unexpected cables

New Favorites: Unexpected cables

The book and magazine scene has been pretty great lately, with several worthy collections having been released in just the past week or so. Of all the knitting patterns they collectively contain, two I’m stuck on involve rather unexpected use of cables:

Hague by Michele Wang is from her fantastic new Capsule collection (now in the webshop). I’m super smitten with that allover ridge texture and surprised how well the cables work in combination with it. Sadly, boatneck and drop-shoulder are two no-no’s on my frame or I’d be struggling not to knit this immediately! I might still find a way …

Eldingar by Courtney Cedarholm is from the Winter 2017 Amirisu (which we’re unfortunately already sold out of). It’s inspired by the colorwork yokes of lopi sweaters, translating that into a yoke encircled in large cabled diamonds that then zigzag down the body (although I might be inclined to skip that part and keep it to the yoke).


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Unexpected cables

  1. I struggle with cables on a pullover because I think they bulk me up, so Eldingar is the perfect solution! I would skip those zig-zag lines, too. What a great yoke treatment.


  2. I’ve been musing over adding a cabled pullover to the wardrobe. Off-white or oatmeal would be nice (and versatile). I think I’d be inclined to knit Eldingar with the cables on the sleeves and at the yolk, but leave the body in stockinette or 1×1 rib.


  3. First off, I’m so glad to be in the company of people who love cables as much as me. My most fave. I just love the Hague but think I’ll make the “front” into a gigunda shawl. Rustic yarn and winter: here we come! Thank you so much for sharing


  4. I love Hauge too! I can dig the drop shoulders, but I find boatneck sweaters uncomfortable (that’s what keeps me from knitting Ondawa!) It should be easy enough to convert to a crew neck though.


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