New Favorites: Bulky cardigans

New Favorites: Bulky cardigans

Between the bleak weather here in Tennessee and the skeins of bronze-colored bulky merino flirting with me from my worktable, I’m preoccupied with bulky cardigan patterns right now. In addition to old New Favorites Paloma and Naxos, I keep coming back to these two long-standing contenders—

TOP: Brew by Martin Storey is superbulky gauge and I just love the weird mixed-texture stripes

BOTTOM: Chevron Cardigan by Michele Wang is bulky gauge with a great allover chevron stitch pattern


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14 thoughts on “New Favorites: Bulky cardigans

  1. Happy New Year Karen! Love reading your blog❤️ I really like the Paloma sweater and may make that after my hat and test knit project😀.


  2. I love bulky cardigans but they do not like me, alas. The very first cardigan I knit was in a super bulky Berroco yarn that was gorgeous but I had to give it a friend. Her square frame with a small bust was perfect for the cardigan, and it looked wonderful on her. On my slender shoulders and big chest, it just added 20 pounds and made me look older. The other bulky sweater I knit is perfect on my daughter, also a small chested twig who can wear anything. It is the type of project I cannot knit for myself, however lovely the patterns are. On you any one of these would look great, as you have the height and frame to carry it.


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