Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3

Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3

So this is the funnest game ever. I’m calling it Closet Rummy, and I could play all day! Pushing the images of these 25 garments around on my screen yesterday, I quickly put together 29 outfits — and could easily have kept going. And that’s without the two sweaters in progress, which will have exponential impact. So it turns out I was right the first time — I’m in pretty good shape, and apparently my struggle to get dressed in the morning has been simply a lack of attention or imagination, not any grave deficiencies. Also: this whole conscious and deliberate planning thing works!

There is one small problem here (apart from the very real but non-earth-shattering pullover dearth) which is the jeans shortage. Even if I could, in theory, get by on just these three pairs of pants, it’s not realistic to think I can wear the natural jeans to the studio as often as that would require. But if I mend the less dire pair of faded friends and pick up a new pair, I’m golden. And in the nice-to-have category, I’d like a dressier top that can be worn with either of the menswear-ish vests without the combo looking too mannish.

But meanwhile, after all of this, I feel good about my ability to get dressed! I’m seriously just going to print all of this out, tape it to the inside of my closet door, and check ’em off for the next two months! No further thinking required.

For the specific details and links for all of the individual garments pictured here, see yesterday’s Closet Inventory.

Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3
Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3
Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3
Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3

Fashionary panels are the best thing ever.
– Please pardon the WIP shot of the black cardigan — it is finished.
– I’m feeling the lack of camel in all this, missing my beloved old camel cable cardigan, more eager than ever to add my camel Channel to this mix.


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24 thoughts on “Outfits! : Winter ’16 wardrobe planning, Part 3

  1. I don’t know anyone who plays in their closet with their wardrobe more than me. So, I am totally loving and relating to your efforts here and furthermore, the idea of wardrobe planning is something I have naturally done and never thought to write about so you’ve motivated me to write on this, as well.


  2. This is a great idea to take photos of your real clothes. I plan on giving it a try. I thought you might want to make some Linden sweatshirts for the work. I’ve just come back from a cold place and see the benefits of layering. Every winter, I feel like I have nothing to wear. but I know I didn’t go out naked last winter, so it must not be true.


  3. Wardrobe planning posts like these are seriously one of the highlights of the changing seasons for me! I think it appeals to us organization and list-making nerds. Love these posts and looking forward to giving this a try myself!


  4. I am just eating up this wardrobe planning series! This post is like a matching game for grownups; I love it! I have some vacation time coming up next week and I think I’m going to make time to do an inventory like this with my own closet now that the weather here in WI has turned for good.


  5. “But meanwhile, after all of this, I feel good about my ability to get dressed! I’m seriously just going to print all of this out, tape it to the inside of my closet door, and check ’em off for the next two months! No further thinking required.”

    I love this! I do a version of this before a trip, meaning I pull clothes out and put them together in different ways so that I can pack minimally and know beforehand what to pull out in an often cramped, and/or dark hotel room. But I love the idea of doing it at home. You could freshen the plan every now and then when you have new ideas or wardrobe additions.


  6. After reading all of your posts I felt so inspired, that I emptied every drawer and wardrobe that I have, and after a couple of hours my clothing selection had been halved! The only problem I had, was wanting to keep items that currently dont fit but have sentimental value… at the end I had two piles: 1 was current, well fitting, no tears or stains, and one was just sentimental clothing. I have decided that the sentimental pile is going to be stored away, for that day when (maybe) they fit once more, or when I want to show off my 15 year old prom dress just because. Even though I now have a serious lack of clothes, it feels really good to know that everything I now own, I can wear! It also makes it so much easier to see what I actually NEED. Im so inspired to make my wardrobe full of handmade pieces, made with beautiful materials, and I have you to thank! Thank you for making me get off my arse and take control of my look :) p.s. dont ever stop blogging, youre a good influence on me!!
    Emma xxx


  7. Thanks for showing so much of your process; it’s been really helpful. I like the photo motility and making an outfit worksheet to check off. Currently, planning a week in advance helps me, especially as it reduces the number of decisions to make when getting ready in the morning. On Sundays I put together five outfits for the week, plus any accessories, then all the outfit pieces get hung together on a hanger and the five outfits go on a clothing rack in order. (We have a weird set-up where the closet is in another bedroom). Sometimes it helps to have six outfits in case of weather changes/mood changes. I’ve also had success making outfits and laying them out the night before, when I had to get up in the wee sma’s to commute. It seems like the operational variables are how much in advance one plans ahead — way before you need to wear something, or closer to that time — and how combinatorial the resulting outfits become, which is a measure of how highly integrated the wardrobe actually is. I could see that second variable being a great motive for a knit-a-long: knit to fill a gap/build x outfits.


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