New Favorites: This stitch pattern

New Favorites: This stitch pattern

This is a really cute little shrug — Tillie by Pam Allen. (I think Pam Allen is the queen of shrugs.) But what I’m particularly in love with is the stitch pattern! I know I’ve also seen it just recently on a more bite-sized project — a hat or mittens? — but cannot find whatever it was. Does anyone know what I’m thinking of, or anything specific about this stitch pattern? My fingers are itching to knit it.


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31 thoughts on “New Favorites: This stitch pattern

  1. Years ago I made a Rowan “denim” yarn cardigan by Kim Hargreaves I think using the same leaves, if I recall correctly. 1999. From the book Rowan Denim. I think the design is called Mary.


  2. PS It’s a twisted stitch pattern, so you don’t need a cable needle to work it. Do use Barbara Walker’s suggestions for working left and right twisted stitches.


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