Elsewhere : Yarny links for your clicking pleasure

Elsewhere is coming at you a day early this time around, because tomorrow I have something exciting to show you!

Love the story behind Cestari yarns — how did I not know he milled his own?

– Is anyone surprised I’m excited about Shelter Marls?

On the rise of luxury basics brands (Cheers to making our own)

On taking time to finish simple things well

– Major sweater inspiration: front and back

– Ace & Jig founders on how they develop their incredible fabrics

This scene

This tiny video

This blanket

– And this incredible trove of Life mag photos (thx, Anecolie!)

Hopefully these links will carry you through the weekend, but make sure you don’t miss tomorrow morning’s post! ;)



Images: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

10 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. What a wonderful set of photos of craftspeople and their work. Click on the magazine link and read the whole magazine. I grew up on LIFE.


  2. A day early means more time to explore your always interesting links. Of course, the minute I saw this marled yarn from BT, I thought: Karen is going to be over the moon. 😁


  3. went to my LYS to pick up cumbria to swatch for the kal and I picked a GOOD DAY because they had just got in the BT marled and let me see them. it’s very tempting to quit my whole plan and use one of those marls!!! #firstpick


  4. Thrilling to view the “incredible trove” of photos of people “making”. I simply had to push back everything on my to-do-list and knit a few rows as my attempt to participate in the joy!


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