New Favorites: The tanks of Pom Pom

New Favorites: The tanks of Pom Pom summer

Summer is hard on anyone in the knitting business — especially, I would think, the magazines. But somehow those girls at Pom Pom Quarterly excel at summertime knitting inspiration, and they’ve done it again this year. Issue 17 just landed at Fringe Supply Co, and it has great patterns for every possible kind of summer sweater — long-sleeved linen, short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, sleeveless. But I personally want all three of these:

TOP: Tannery Falls by Sara Delaney is feeding my summer crochet urge in a big way

BOTTOM LEFT: Red Bud Isle by Courtney Cedarholm is a simple striped tank with shoulder ties and a cute crossover back (See also: Bob Top)

BOTTOM RIGHT: Thornett by Sara Thornett is a V-neck tank with simple lace side panels — cute and breathable!


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14 thoughts on “New Favorites: The tanks of Pom Pom

  1. What yarn would you use for the top with side lace? I’m having trouble finding the yarn they recommeded.




  2. Loved the tanks in this issue, working at a yarn store knitters are always coming in for summer inspiration so they can continue to knit. This issue was perfect for summer! Love!


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