The simplest (Summer) sweater

The simplest (Summer) sweater

After I posted about my Loopy Mango sweater and noted that the ultra-basic construction made it a great beginner sweater but that the pattern itself did not, I got several questions about a substitute. There’s an installment of Knit the Look in the archives that answers this question. In this case, the sweater is constructed essentially the same way I did the Loopy one, minus the neck shaping, so it’s even more rudimentary. It’s also aran-weight yarn knitted loosely (as opposed to superbulky) and recommended for cotton yarn. So not only is it a great sweater for beginners, it’s more figure-friendly and a great summer sweater. For the full details, click through to Knit the Look: Franziska Frank’s easy summer tunic.


Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

6 thoughts on “The simplest (Summer) sweater

  1. Had to LOL at the “please opt out.” :)

    I also think the stitch pattern is reverse stockinette, all over seed stitch would not drape so well. It would also be so much more tedious.
    Also, it could be my eyes playing tricks, but it looks like the pattern is turned 90 degrees at the yoke, the stitches look vertical when compared to the lower half of the sweater.


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