Textile-centric links for your clicking pleasure

So many great links this round! So I’ll get right to it—

– I’m eager to get my hands on The Uppercase Compendium of Craft — and huge congratulations to Felicia Semple on being included!

– Fantastic article about the origin of clothing sizes

– and a great profile on Alabama Chanin

– Would love to know the story behind these wedding cowls (look at the flower girl!)

How to knit a seamed sweater seamlessly

– New Yorker cartoonist on the many uses for a scarf (press play)

– I’m getting a vicarious thrill from watching Fancy Tiger’s Coat Sewalong from the sidelines

– and am totally wowed by Jen Hewett’s Print, Pattern, Sew project outcome

– Interesting thoughts and comments about differing maker philosophies

– A tiny poem for you

Five ways to kick-start your sewing mojo (equally good advice for knitters)

Portrait of a sweater (to end all sweaters)

– And although my job requires me to do both, I think “create more than you consume” is a really worthy goal

IN SHOP NEWS: The grey Field Bag is back in stock! As are the Knitters Graph Paper Journal, Fashionary sketchbooks, matte black mini scissors and the Etta+Billie skin balm in all three scents. Find all that and more at Fringe Supply Co.

Happy weekend, everyone — thank you for reading!




12 thoughts on “Elsewhere

  1. I went right to “create more than you consume”. How many of us comb through magazines, websites only to say, “Oh I should make that, do that….” And set a bookmark? Often big projects that take a lot of planning, materials and time. What I love about knitting is the satisfaction of starting a project and sometimes finishing it that day (hats, mitts). For me it is a flexible craft. Lots of choices but not so much I become overwhelmed and never start.
    Yesterday’s posts got me going on a basic cardigan. Not too complicated, not too expensive, but excited to create.


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