New Favorites: Dark yoke sweaters

New Favorites: Dark yoke sweaters

One of the most endlessly irresistible things to me is a colorwork yoke sweater done all in neutrals with the body in charcoal or black. It’s so striking and rich and magical somehow. I could list countless examples, but these are the two that have most recently been haunting my dreams:

TOP: Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Lighthouse Pullover — from her latest collection, Swoon Maine — in shades of black and grey

BOTTOM: Kathy Cadigan’s rendition of Mary Jane Mucklestone’s Stopover, done in black, grey and a coppery brown

Kathy’s is the one I mentioned in a footnote yesterday, having worn it during our holiday lookbook shoot and fallen deeply, darkly in love.


PREVIOUSLY in New Favorites: from Olga’s “Capsule” collection

20 thoughts on “New Favorites: Dark yoke sweaters

  1. Ooh, nice. That reminds me that I have seen quite a few of Kate Davies’ yoked sweaters like Epistrophy and Àsta Sollilja done with black as the MC. Very striking… I find I’m more partial to an inky navy blue.

  2. I love these! How can I convert the lighthouse pattern to use the 4ply wool I have in my stash? Always stumps me and it is my New Years resolution to work this out.

  3. I have been hoarding some of the last of my Romney dark chocolate yarn. I am knitting two college kids sweaters/vests with it for Christmas and I am sooooo hoping to have enough left over for me to knit myself a sweater. I love both of these and will keep them in mind! Thanks for sharing!

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