Merry and bright: the Fringe Holiday Lookbook 2015

IT'S HERE! The Fringe Holiday Lookbook 2015

Sitting on these images the past two weeks has been harder than I can tell you, so it is with an extra dose of delight today that I’m announcing the Fringe Holiday Lookbook 2015! As you know, I don’t change things up much when it comes to the selection of goods at Fringe Supply Co. I only sell a small collection of things I personally use and love, including those I’ve designed myself, but there’s a lot to be excited about here — most notably the Field Bag in colors! Well, “colors” — not surprisingly they’re black, grey and army green. The natural version is my first and truest love, but these new guys are stunners. And they’re a bit of a test; I’m trying them out exclusively here at Fringe for the holidays, and they’ll be in stores early next year depending on which one(s) you all love most. There’s also a lot of black this season, which is making me swoony, including your Bookhou favorites (tote, storage box and pouch) in a drop-dead-gorgeous black on charcoal print, and my all-time-favorite jumbo tote bag in black for the first time. (You can bet the one from the shoot went home with me!) There’s a limited number of pretty much all of the above, so don’t hesitate. And I’ve also added some other small treasures to enhance your knitting life — lots of useful pretties in silver and brass.

My pal Kathy Cadigan and I had a blast shooting this one at some of our favorite haunts in Seattle’s Pioneer Square and at the Homestead Seattle Airbnb. I’m super grateful to Kathy and to everyone who helped make it happen, especially the Dianich family for the loan of the Christmas tree! And always, always, so thankful to all of you for supporting me and Fringe and the other small businesses Fringe represents.

Hop on over and VIEW THE FULL LOOKBOOK, and let me know what you think. Clicking anything you like in there will take you to the corresponding page in the webshop where you can pop it into your cart. Or go straight to the shop if you prefer to browse that way! Happy looking, and happy start of the holiday season! Have a great weekend—

IT'S HERE! The Fringe Holiday Lookbook 2015

30 thoughts on “Merry and bright: the Fringe Holiday Lookbook 2015

  1. This look book is so well done. The items are so well curated, and the new tote colors are fantastic! The gray is my favorite. Can’t wait for holiday shopping!


  2. Ok. I think you are the female alter ego of Jared Flood!! Karen, your look book is stunning!! Great work! And those bags and bits are beautiful!! I wish i could ask all them for Santa, but my parents told me that he not exist anymore :(


  3. I don’t know if you can fix this now – but you’ve got a typo on page 15 of the look book. Stitch “Maker” instead of “Marker.” But perhaps it’s because it’s a pouch for me! The Maker of Stitches!

    I love the look book. Your photographs are beautiful.


  4. Beautiful goods and photographs, all so well done, Karen. I just shopped with you a couple of weeks ago, but might have to do it again soon.


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