New Favorites: Dress-down sweaters

New Favorites: Dress-down sweaters

My new favorite thing in the world is dresses. Sadly, at the moment, I only own one! Since finishing it while I was in Florida, I’ve worn my linen dress nearly every day. (Post about that coming soon.) But basically, all I want to wear is dresses right now, with other stuff layered over them. As we’re heading into fall, that means I’m thinking about those layers. What I crave — in addition to the sleeveless turtlenecks and vests I’ve been smartly lining up — is simple, boxy, slightly cropped, super casual sweaters. Sweaters with which to dress down a dress. A consult with my closet this weekend showed me this is a major void right now, thanks to my recent focus on cardigans. The two that are always on my list are Purl Bee’s Sweatshirt Sweater and Julie Hoover’s Sanford (along with Shellie Anderson’s new Trace, of course), any of which I want to knit a little bit wide and cropped. The same goes for these two newer additions to my list:

TOP: Element by Kirsten Johnstone, another classic sweatshirty shape

BOTTOM: Inscribe by Shellie Anderson, a perfect layering piece with that deep V


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Dress-down sweaters

  1. Another one for when the weather gets colder (and you want a high or low turtleneck) is Churchmouse’s “Better Than Basic Pullover”. I have about 3 in my queue – to go over skinny jeans or yoga pants. There’s a tunic-length option that’s tempting for over leggings, too!


  2. Love that deep V! You are right…such a fun layering piece.

    I am about half done with Trace, Karen. It is on the big side….I hope not too big. I think I have finally realized that my gauge morphs when I knit alpaca. And then (aaack!) it grows some more once it’s done. We shall see…


  3. Love layering things over and under dresses (leggings)…so much versatility! Still head over heels in love with Trace…she’s definitely next on my needles…thanks to you!!!


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