Laurus your way

Laurus your way

I’m officially the Fringe Hatalong laggard — nearly done with my Hermaness Worsted and barely started with my Laurus. But oh how I love watching the hats roll in. Laurus is definitely creating the most diverse results, which I guess is not surprising given the extra level of opportunity for variation afforded by the colorwork. We’ve seen everything from the very pale to the dramatically dark, with the quite bright and everything else you can think of in between, but apart from the color choices I thought I’d highlight some of the subtle changes people have employed to tailor this one to their own liking:

TOP: There are a couple of ebony and ivory versions on Instagram — @ecr00neg and @simonesmanufaktur, above — both of which, coincidentally, omitted the stripes.

BOTTOM LEFT: There are lots and lots of pompoms and a couple of lengthened brims, but @kiyomibee made her brim long enough to fold up. Along with the contrasting pompom, of course.

BOTTOM RIGHT: I thought there would be a lot of people using three colors instead of two (although I failed to suggest that possibility up front). @wintiliviknits knitted her stashbuster with four: a forest-y green with both pink and purple (navy?) stripes, plus ivory for the leaf motif. With a four-color pompom.

Mostly I’m thrilled at how many people who’ve never tried colorwork before have jumped in with this simple little Laurus hat and reported back that I was right — perfect place to start!

SHOP NEWS: Field Bags and bonsai-style scissors are both back in stock, so go get ’em! Due to the postal holiday on Monday, we’ll be doing a special shipping session tomorrow morning for tonight’s orders. Note that orders from tomorrow morning through Monday will ship on Tuesday when the PO is picking up again.

Happy long weekend to those in the North America! Make it a good one, wherever you are—


PREVIOUSLY in Fringe Hatalong Series: Laurus by Dianna Walla

14 thoughts on “Laurus your way

  1. I’m tempted to jump ahead to Laurus since I only began Audrey a few days ago but am determined to knit them “in order” so Laurus will just have to wait. Loving Audrey, btw, it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed knitting with DK, usually I’m a big yarn, big needles girl. Thanks!


  2. I have two Hermaness hats in process – well, one just finished. I need to load up pics. I loved the pattern though the hat was larger than expected. (Swatch? What swatch? It will fit someone!) Unexpected craziness on the home front (as in having to find a new place and move – ugh!) has the Laurus project put off. I admit I’ve been resistant to this one but now see it as a “must do” project when my mind’s more settled. I am so inspired by these beautiful hats!


  3. can i still participate in the hat along? i’m not good at all at stranded colourwork knitting but this pattern is such a great incentive, so i checked out youtube and started yesterday.


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