Knit the Look: Slouchy sweater perfection

Knit the Look: Slouchy sweater perfection

Here’s another take on the slouchy off-white sweater to pair with everything, this time spotted on an unidentified beauty in Paris. We don’t know the girl’s nationality, but her outfit is classic all-American with a twist. The sweater itself is dead simple, and could be easily improvised from the top down (in any weight you like) in seed stitch or waffle stitch or whatever your heart desires. Or if you want a pattern, I’d go with Heidi Kirrmaier’s Such a Winter’s Day. To get the look of the street-style pullover, knit it quite oversized — maybe 9 or 10 inches of ease. Leave a long side slit and work a few inches of ribbing at the hem on the front and back. And when you pick up the neck stitches, pick up a few fewer than recommended and knit two inches of ribbing instead of the prescribed funnel neck. For yarn, any off-white worsted would do, but the one on my mind is the one in my hands right now — Quince and Co’s Lark in Egret.

See Vanessa’s original post for the full-length look.


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Street style photo © Vanessa Jackman; used with permission

7 thoughts on “Knit the Look: Slouchy sweater perfection

  1. Another one with a similar look is Diamond Funnel Neck by Michelle Wang. I’ve had that one in my favorite for a while but the pattern is a bit complex so I haven’t attempted it yet. One day!


  2. I have been working on the “Winter’s Day” in a soft grey for awhile now – slow going (K1,P1 rows) – but it is absolutely beautiful and I am looking forward to wearing it this fall. I may make the modifications that Karen noted – we’ll see!


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