New Favorites: High school flashbacks

New Favorites: High school flashbacks

Oh look, it’s Rowan’s Martin Storey and Sarah Hatton, making their way onto my wishlist again — this time by tapping into that annual back-to-school nostalgia with a couple of sweaters that look just like things I either owned or coveted in my school days. In most cases, garments that look like they’re from my real live past make me recoil, but these are forever good:

TOP: Mayfair by Martin Storey reminds me of the lice-stitch sweater I ordered from the L.L. Bean catalog (my first-ever mail order purchase, pretty sure) and couldn’t wait for it to arrive, only to find that the ragg wool was impossible for me to wear.

BOTTOM: Longdendale by Sarah Hatton just feeds directly into my sweater vest fixation, which dates back to the day.


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: High school flashbacks

  1. L O V E that top one… I have something similar from last years autumn or winter issue of Pom Pom mag in my favourites already.

  2. Very intrigued by the stitch pattern in the Mayfair design. It looks almost like cross stitch. And I can see why you like both of these–they look like they’d go with everything!

  3. so confused by the crown shaping chart on the hermaness worsted hat. i placed markers every 22 sts for row 1 and when i got to the end of row 1, numerous times, i did not have enough sts left before
    the marker. did anyone else have this problem or do i need a good nights sleep and do this once more?

  4. Love the vest and the warm golden color. My first catalog purchase was a pair of pink boots from Spiegel. Oh, how I loved when that giant book of stuff arrived in the mail. I would spend days looking through it. I still have and wear the boots.

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