New Favorites: High school flashbacks

New Favorites: High school flashbacks

Oh look, it’s Rowan’s Martin Storey and Sarah Hatton, making their way onto my wishlist again — this time by tapping into that annual back-to-school nostalgia with a couple of sweaters that look just like things I either owned or coveted in my school days. In most cases, garments that look like they’re from my real live past make me recoil, but these are forever good:

TOP: Mayfair by Martin Storey reminds me of the lice-stitch sweater I ordered from the L.L. Bean catalog (my first-ever mail order purchase, pretty sure) and couldn’t wait for it to arrive, only to find that the ragg wool was impossible for me to wear.

BOTTOM: Longdendale by Sarah Hatton just feeds directly into my sweater vest fixation, which dates back to the day.


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13 thoughts on “New Favorites: High school flashbacks

  1. Very intrigued by the stitch pattern in the Mayfair design. It looks almost like cross stitch. And I can see why you like both of these–they look like they’d go with everything!


  2. so confused by the crown shaping chart on the hermaness worsted hat. i placed markers every 22 sts for row 1 and when i got to the end of row 1, numerous times, i did not have enough sts left before
    the marker. did anyone else have this problem or do i need a good nights sleep and do this once more?


  3. Love the vest and the warm golden color. My first catalog purchase was a pair of pink boots from Spiegel. Oh, how I loved when that giant book of stuff arrived in the mail. I would spend days looking through it. I still have and wear the boots.


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