New Favorites: from Interweave Knits Fall ’15

New Favorites: from Interweave Knits Fall '15

Fall magazines are starting to drop! The Interweave Knits Fall preview is out, and it looks like a bit of a gem. My favorites happen to be three sweater patterns that are all about their yokes:

TOP: Agrotera Pullover by Amanda Bell has a slightly Art Nouveau-ish lace pattern around a circular yoke

MIDDLE: St. Helier Pullover by Mary Anne Benedetto is a perfectly lovely little gansey (I personally would skip the lace shirttail action)

BOTTOM: Tucker Sweater by Amanda Scheuzger is another circular yoke, this time with an encircling cable motif

The other one I’m smitten with is Yellow Gold Pullover by Linda Marveng. I don’t love the proportions of it, but I’m intrigued by the combination of the horizontal stripes with those absolutely jaw-dropping chain-link cables.


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17 thoughts on “New Favorites: from Interweave Knits Fall ’15

  1. I’m working on a all- stockinette stitch sweater now, and I’m a little bored of the stitch. I know I wouldn’t really be up for making these now but they sure are gorgeous.


  2. Karen, I agree. The welts on Yellow Gold Pullover are a W-O-W with the cables. I too have made a note in my faves to use this pattern.


  3. I quite like the gansey as well. With the shirttail, it has almost a tunic length.
    The last sweater reminds me an awful lot of the Sandhurst Jumper that was on Ravelry for free a while back. Heavily inspired by, I’d say.

    Oh, and Pompom Quarterly is out as well. 😃


  4. I love the Tucker sweater. I also really liked the 2 men’s sweaters in there as well. I thought it was a knock-out issue and I’m quite excited to get it in the mail!!


  5. I have been practicing cables,not for long,I am comfortable,but slow as a snail.I love each and every one of these sweaters.
    I especially like the Elizabeth and James turtleneck you are working on.I think , Tucker sweater might be a good first cable project? Any input would be deeply appreciated.


  6. Welts seem to be in this Fall. I did some on a sweater a while back… They are really fun and add such a cool effect. For the first time in my knitting “career” I feel ahead of the curve, ha!


  7. Just ordered the digital version – the best Interweave for a while – but i do love knitting sweaters so I would say that :)


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