New Favorites: Fair-weather friends

New Favorites: Fair-weather friends

Summer has arrived in full force, after a really lovely and long Spring and pre-Summer, as I’ve been calling it. Which means the air conditioners of Nashville are all officially on full blast, my sinuses are on the fritz (TMI, I know), and all I can think about is how to keep my neck warm. These pale beauties are both calling out to me:

TOP: The Purl Bee’s Crosshatch Cowl is as spare and simple as it gets — and would make the perfect constant companion (free pattern)

BOTTOM: The Bonnie Banks Shawl has flirted with me twice in my inbox — first in a link from a Clara Parkes email about the yarn, then in an email from the designer, Beatrice Perron Dahlen, who had kindly sent me the pattern after I’d favorited it at Ravelry. I’ve sworn off shawl knitting, of course, but this one is mighty tempting.


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6 thoughts on “New Favorites: Fair-weather friends

  1. Thanks for putting the Crosshatch Cowl back on my radar. I have two gorgeous choices in my stash for this cowl, but also a massive To Knit list, so before I even plan for it, I’ll play in your next Hatalong. A hat is such a quick, satisfying project.


  2. I love both of these – especially the shawl! I “should” swear off shawls for a bit (its even warm here in the NW) but now that I’m hooked, nope. Ok! I’m off to Ravelry to drool over these patterns…

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