New Favorites: Market bags

New Favorites: Market bags

Every year around this time, I have the thought that perhaps it would be fun to knit a little market bag, and I go have a look at all the ones I’ve bookmarked over the past few years. Every year, I decide these two by Pam Allen are the cream of the crop: the Dejeuner Bag up top — my very favorite — and the Rue Mouffetard. This year I actually have a skein of linen in want of a purpose (left over from grandma’s shawl) but the bags are so pretty in that natural Sparrow I can’t imagine doing anything else.


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Market bags

  1. In the project notes for both bags, people noted that the bags stretched out quite a bit….I suppose that would be true of any plant fiber. Plant fibers don’t have the elasticity of protein fibers. I’m wondering if lining the bag wouldn’t help with this problem?


  2. Beautiful— I love the first one, as well. And I think making a fabric lining would be suck a good idea. I’m such a short person, I find I’m a bit annoyed as a bag starts to stretch and ends up much too long for me. :)


  3. Both lovely bags! I too am under the spell of Q&Co Sparrow, currently knitting the Rue Mouffetard pictured above and also Pam Allen’s lovely pattern – Scarborough Shrug. Enjoying both projects oooooodles!


  4. This bag is #1 in my queue right now Karen!! LOVE it! I am actually introducing a 100% cotton yarn to my lineup next month and I can’t wait to see how it performs here. I love this design so much :)


  5. hmmm. Of course it’s lovely, but the Dejeuner takes FOUR skeins of yarn at $9.25 each, plus the pattern is $5, plus shipping. Really? For a market bag?


  6. I’ve been wanting to make yarn produce bags. I have tons of fabric shopping bags, but I could really use smaller mesh bags for corralling veggies and fruits. I guess it’s time to search ravelry.


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  8. I like the bag very much. I have a smaller version as a hand bag. A lining sounds good and maybe some compartments for small items.


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