Re-introducing Amirisu

Re-introducing Amirisu

A little over a year ago, I was raving about the Japanese digital magazine Amirisu and today I’m happy to say it’s now not only a print mag, but it’s available at Fringe Supply Co. I had the pleasure of meeting the editor, Meri, at last spring’s trade show and again at Squam, and have been watching as it evolved into a print mag (and a yarn shop in Japan, which also stocks Fringe goods). Over the winter, Meri asked if I would be interested in writing for Amirisu, starting with a short essay about moving to Nashville. And since that essay appears in the new issue, volume 7, it seemed like a good time to add it to our magazine collection. Among the other content (everything is in both Japanese and English, don’t worry!), you’ll find five knitting patterns in this issue, my favorite of which obviously is the summer version of a cable sweater pictured above. And like Pom Pom, each copy of Amirisu comes with a unique code for the digital version, so you can have your cake and download it too!

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