Makers’ little helper

Makers' little helper

Speaking of my handmade wardrobe, I’ve been (with great difficulty) keeping this under my hat until I had a chance to get them into the shop, but my Fashionary addiction has expanded from the magical sketchbook — which accompanies me everywhere — to these accordion-fold, perforated paper panels that you can tear apart (or not) and work the individual drawings into other notebooks or pinboard compositions or whatever suits your fancy. As with the sketchbook, they’re pre-printed with faint dotted templates for you to draw over, and there are four variations now in the shop: women’s figure, men’s figure, kids’ figure, and women’s flat garments. Find out more and snag yours at Fringe Supply Co. Note, too, that if you were missing the interior shots of the fantastic new Taproot issue, I’ve added those images as well. AND! yesterday we received more Sincere Sheep for the Double Basketweave Cowl kits and more Habu for the Wabi Mitts kits.

By the way, I was scrolling back through Our Tools, Ourselves the other day and Jared Flood’s sketchbooks caught my eye. Somehow it escaped my attention before that they’re Fashionary!

As you can clearly see from these photos, I’m obsessing over my waistcoat — when I’m not knitting it, I’m sketching it every which way. My hope for this weekend is to finish it and sew that sketched dress to go under it! How about you?


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  1. I’m doing “rib” this weekend – Moto Vest KAL with Woolful and Knitterly. Pretty darn relaxing stuff. Might cast on Kate Davies “jazz hands” with that fabulous yarn from skein queen, if I get too bored with the rib! Happy Friday everyone!

  2. karen,
    your waistcoat is wonderful. i downloaded the pattern but have no idea what size it is, this project will be for my brother, or the weight/type of yarn. so much wonderful local wool here in sonoma county but before i take the leap, thought i should ask. thanks thanks

    • Hi, Jonatha. It only specifies two dimensions at the top of the pattern: length 20.5″ and 40″ chest circumference. If you read through the pattern, you’ll find the body height to the armholes and armhole depth. But of course that depends entirely on your gauge matching pattern gauge. It’s a DK/light-worsted yarn knitted on US9 needles, so there’s room to go down a needle size to get a smaller sweater, or vice versa. So if the pattern dimensions don’t work for you, like always, you’ll need to swatch at a different gauge and do some math to figure out what your stitch gauge measures out to at the patterns cast-on counts. Hope that helps!

  3. Thank you for all the links and inspiration……almost moved to Squam once…should have :)

  4. I just followed all of your waistcoat links (new here) and I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product. I really like the idea of using and modifying a vintage pattern. I looked up those patterns on the V&A website and some are a hoot!

    This weekend I’m preparing for a very last minute overseas trip that starts Monday – not my usual travel style – and as I’m newly knitting obsessed I’m trying to plot a project that will entertain me on the plane but with needles that I won’t be too upset to lose if they choose to confiscate them. I have flown with knitting before but it seems rather up to the whims (or discretion, to put it more kindly) of security and the airline staff so I’m hoping for the best but preparing for the worst! I’m bringing knitting books to read as back up entertainment.

  5. The vest in the side view with skirt is just what Ive been looking for . . . any specifics?

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