New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran

New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran sweater

One night last week, we went out for ice cream at the local hotspot in my sister’s tiny coastal Florida town. Bob and I were enjoying the warmth, but the temperature must have dipped below 80 or something — the locals were all wearing jean jackets or sweaters, and you could tell they were savoring the chance. It brought to mind this Martin Storey sweater I ran across recently and can’t stop thinking about: Naxos. It’s perfectly unisex and would also work beautifully as a woolly winter sweater, but I love it in this ivory cotton, pictured in a dreamy boatscape. Because, you know, heaven forbid there should ever be a time or a place where some form of fisherman sweater isn’t part of the equation.


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17 thoughts on “New Favorites: the perfect Summer aran

  1. Beautiful sweater, Karen. And the model’s not so bad either! Would you mind telling me what “tiny coastal Florida town” you’re visiting? I love going to Florida and finding quaint little beach towns.


  2. I think that model could make a pilly old blanket look good. :) But having said that, it is a wonderful sweater! I don’t see the point of wearing a sweater in the summer, but then again in MN we have 6 solid months of cold weather.


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