New Favorites: Modified ganseys

New Favorites: Modified gansey sweaters

I’m always hearing people talk about the gansey — relative of the cabled aran jumper in the classic fisherman-sweater family — and its characteristic underarm gusset. One of these days I’ll knit one and understand more specifically what the traditional construction is like. But it might have to get in line behind these recent interpretations, which are both calling out to me —

TOP: Eastbound Sweater by Courtney Kelley has an “exploded gusset” and slouchy shape, looks like the perfect spring/fall sweater to me

BOTTOM: Alvy by Jared Flood might be gussetless (not sure) but borrows the gansey look for a nicely androgynous sweater


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10 thoughts on “New Favorites: Modified ganseys

  1. Beth Brown-Reinsel is the expert on knitting & designing ganseys. Checkout her book, Knitting Ganseys, & her website, Knitting Traditions, for excellent gansey patterns.


  2. I have been suing Beth Brown-Reinsel’s book to design and knit a gansey for my husband. Each motiff represents a part of our lives together on our farm. It has been a year long process with about a 6 month break in between. I am about to begin knitting the sleeves-which I am so excited about! It has been one of those growing experiences, where you know you will walk away with more knitting skills than you had before you began. Here is a post on how to do the shoulder joins.


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